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Default Re: Where's the proof of re-incarnation and past lives…

To me this is a very interesting thread. I was led toward an exploration after the death of someone very close to me. I remember after this person's death, I was going through the stages of grief and struggling with acceptance.

About 6 months later , ~12 times in one week, different people some strangers, some friends, made similar comments about choosing our life lessons to learn, reincarnation, higher self and several mentioned, "Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. I decided to pick up this small book and read it.

From my religious training as a youngster, it was in opposition to what I had been taught. As a searcher, I badly needed closure, so I set out on an adventure to learn more about this topic.

What I learned was fascinating. The book by Brian Weiss, was my first adventure into this realm. I read many stories of past life experiences, interviewed people who shared their stories with me. I know there is skepticism on this, as it should be... but for me, it was a gut feeling of truth and understanding.

There have been studies conducted where people working with a good past life regression expert have have independent accounts of recognizing people from their present in their past lives. We have a tendency to have encounters with the same souls in past lives, be it a mother, father, son, daughter or best friend.

One of the people told me, "I knew it was Ben, he was my son in a certain life, but he is my father presently."

The first time I spoke with Dr. Weiss at a book signing, we spoke of all this and he verified the studies and said it has happened many times.

My friends and I talk about the people who end up fascinated all their lives by the sea and grew up in mid-Michigan never seeing the ocean or being around boats, but built square riggers and wanting to be a boat captain and sail. And this other little kid that grew up drawing Roman columns and the forum at age four, has never seen pictures or had any knowledge of what she draws.

I have an affinity for ancient Rome, Africa, Egypt, Polynesian tribal life and the Far East . My home is filled with things from these areas....they bring a comfort and make me feel at home, but out of those places, I've only visited Hawaii. But I have a deep soul feeling for these geographical areas. Proof no.... but I married a man with the same quirky art items and feels the same draw to these areas as me. By the way, he is the boat captain and I'm the column-forum drawing kid.

And how about that instantaneous feeling you get in the gut when you meet someone and feel like you've known them forever, and others after one encounter, you don't care to be around them ever again?

Bill Ryan said in one interview, he felt past lives are important just to find out what programs are still running and which things that need to be dealt with. (paraphrased from my pov)

Maybe I'll have more insight after my long awaited appointed with Dr. Weiss this week. We have been waiting to do this forever. My buddies and I, who feel like we have been through many life-times together, are going to be regressed as a group by him.

I know, we know, for the most part, you are not royalty, probably were doing something similar to what you do today, aren't always the "good guy", might not be proud pf some things, but as Bill said, it helps to know what programs are still running and hopefully help with the clearing process.

In Sincerity and Love, Mystique
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