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Default Re: Abraxas was banned and his group is closed

Originally Posted by CÚline View Post
i tried that..

i have been accused of being wishy much "fluff"

accused of "taking over the forum".. and many other things that you are aware of...

i sincerly tried to just love MP2 yesterday..doesnt want it.. thinks im a "little vampire"...shrug

One day maybe someone will want to know my opinion/thoughts...and One day maybe my heart will reach the Others...

for now..i fear hugging , here.
Yes i have seen what you mean Celine....

But your thoughts are our thoughts Celine... that is the point...

Deep down MP2 knows you love him... He just saying he doesn't need a reminder...

by getting upset with you Celine... he has expressed his frustration with the fact that so many who say they have love for all...

but their love falls short of darkness....for misunderstandings are all too common in verbal communication... think about it... Do animals talk...

if they did... do you think they would talk about how they sometimes like to lick themselves.. or do any of the other ridiculous things my dog does..

But when a dog meets a dog... even if they look different.. they still acknowledge one another as.. being in the same to speak
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