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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Dear Trancoso!

The PTB are RULED by the Dragon archetype.
The PTB are unable to access more than 95% of the Cosmic History.
As Collier says, the Paa Taal (or similar label) have been forgotten in the records as the ancestors of all.
Those ancestors are rather closely entwined with the concept of the starhumanity as the fourth 'brain halo' evolving from the Reptilian brainstem, the mammalian midbrain and the human cortex.
This agenda allows recircularisation of the linearity in the Orb of the Ouroborus (Milky Way Mazzaroth or Circle of the Zodiac).

The content of Lionhawk's reply contains no direct questions to be answered and was answered relative to the consciousness vibrations emitted through the wordings.
It is in my authority to discern written material within the context and under guidance of the Thuban master templar - the universal Logos.

In this capacity and authority I choose if and how to reply to unsubstantiated innuendo and preconceived ideas and bias with respect to the History of the Dragons and as found in the archives on Thuban.

As most can ascertain, I DO answer direct questions in all cases, except in oversight or when these questions are intended to cause strife and dissonance or are what is labelled as ad hominem.

I doubt they have access to more than 5% never mind 95%....
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