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Default Re: Hero or My Dragon Hero

Originally Posted by CÚline View Post
Drags? *she laughs and giggles*

i wonder how my dragon feels about that diminutive nick name...

Considering I had no issues with being called Dwaggy for some years I guess I am not bothered by things that would bother some who are guided by ego rather than love.
I thought I'd share a message i have kept in my treasure pile for 11 years sent to me by a friend with some insightful abilities.

Originally Posted by my anonymous friend :)
The blood of the great Dragon guides you most.
You are both a warrior and a protector, enjoying
both confrontation and danger. You can be very
wise and patient and are often looked up to as
a teacher. Often preferring seclusion you can
be kind and generous if your mood is fitting,
if it is not pity the fool who dares disturb
you. You can sometimes be stony and cold, and
often enjoy hoarding material items. Dragons
represent the spiritual and the supernatural,
elemental magic and change.
Originally Posted by CÚline View Post
His life's meaning is the protection of the love generating from His treasures...
And now one of my greatest treasures is spreading love here at Avalon.

CÚline you are a beacon of light in this long Mayan 6th Night.
I Love you and thank you for all that you do,
This seemingly endless night would be far worse without you.

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