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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by hippihillbobbi View Post
Hi Abraxas --

So HAPPY to see ya'll back on the thread! (as she nods to Hans & Tony )

i've been busy formulating questions in anticipation of your return and was moved to think of another by your answer to Malletsky.

1) i've been thinking about forgiveness .... (do you know that Don Henley song? it's one of my favorites![/I) ..... will there be any need to forgive one another beyond 3rd dimension? Will we have transcended polarity sufficiently to render "forgiveness" irrelevant?

Look into a mirror malletzky!

Can you look at yourself and 'forgive' whatever thoughts or deeds you may have entertained in your forgetfulness/ignorance/sinfulness?
You are looking at a part of the creator and this shard of All That Is.
So can you forgive 'God' for learning to be God - awaken to BE the SHARED MANYNESS of the prime source?

2) i've become aware recently of a feeling regarding organized religion that not only casts it as "part of the matrix," but also as a likely stumbling block to the "masses" once disclosure has occurred (since Disclosure could destroy many people's faith in the institutional church and its God/gods, thereby inhibiting their' ability to discern/assimilate/experience the Truth which is necessary for Ascension into 4th-5th dimensions.

Ok I'll share the ultimate truth according to Thuban with you.
The 'Great War' is a 'spiritual war' and not a physical one.
The PTB KNOW the 'real story' say to 95%; but they cannot, despite all of their access to 'hidden data' and 'hidden history' access the remaining 5%.

The PTB are preparing to PREEMPT all prophecy.
Like in WW2, they are attempting TO FORCE the issue in regards to universal potent archetypes.
Archetypes RULE the Universe, not alien ETs, human usurpers linked to higher dimensional ETs or 'ascended' or 'descended' masters.

In WW2 they attempted to MANIFEST and fulfil the prophecy of the Revelation. That is why it was called the '1000-year Reich'.
Iow what happened in the 1930s and 1940s was that the PTB tried to PREEMPT the New World Order (of the Millennium prophecied) in a way, which would allow them CONTROL over this 'New World'.

Adolf Hitler, the Austrian, became 'groomed' as the 'forerunner', say a modern Elijah or John the Baptist by one of the 'factions' of the PTB, you may call them the Priesthood of the Moon or the Luminari.

This was for the purpose to bring the 'spiritual archetypes' down into physical manifestation and the 'spiritual war' was to be between the Priesthood of the Sun or Illuminari as the Levitical priesthood in the Old Testament and the Zadokian priesthood (loyal to David as the archetype for the second coming) and as encoded in scriptures.

Unbeknown to almost all even here on the PC/PA forums; the two factions are simply the manifestation of the scriptural encodings.
This is why it has become 'policy', say in the last 10 years or so to allow an OPEN ridiculing of the God/Jesus/Spirit labels over the populist media and the 'worldwide web'.

The PTB wish to utterly CONFUSE the issues in regards to scripture (which they wish to FULFIL, because only AFTER it has been fulfilled, will THEY be able to manifest their New World Order). This is why it is ok today (for the first time in recorded history) to openly doubt and scoff at and ridicule (like here on PA/PC) the existence of Jesus, God, prophets and so on.

The PTB KNOW, that to GET RID of the prophecies, which hold the universe itself in archetypical bondage; THEY MUST BE FULFILLED.

But the PTB is attempting to do this BEFORE a 'real Jesus' say could actually INTERVENE into their plans. They are trying to circumvent the prophecied 'second coming' and the 'Christened Millennium' in fabricating a MANMADE millennium and an accompanying ARMAGEDDON=DRAGON MADE.

The 5% eludes them and therefore are the PTB beginning to 'panic'. They are losing control to implement the NWO for 'lack of data'.

WW3 is, as said in the disclosure of Bill Ryan, the next attempt to 'force the millennium' onto the Gaian historical timeline.

The missing 5% ARE the Thuban timeline and as 'authorized' by the 'real Jesus'. This timeline shattered the plans of the PTB, as their manipulation of the archetypes (the spiritual wickedness at high places of Paul in:
Ephesians 6:12
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

could not continue past the 95% level.

(40) Jesus says:
"A grapevine was planted outside (the vineyard) of the Father.
And since it is not supported, it will be pulled up by its roots (and) will perish."

This other grapevine are the plans of the PTB. The timeline from December 8th, 2004 to August 4th, 2008 served as a 'image timeline' for the manifesting timeline from August 4th, 2008 to April 1st, 2012.

So the PTB are STUCK, because this timeline EMPOWERS certain people to show the way for all those who wish to become part of the new dispensation and as ordained by the 'real Jesus' (who can be said to BE presently about 2 million kilometers from the center of the earth in a waveform).

You malletzky have 'opened your heart' to that 'dispensation' and the 'trick' is as follows.
Now I have never given this information before, but for the ones reading this it shall now be revealed.

Revelation 3:20
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

The 'trick' is to turn this around. It is not Jesus knocking from some outside of you to 'come in', BUT 'Jesus' is knocking from your inside to 'come out'.

ONLY in RELEASING the Inner Christ will you be able to become a Starhuman and so be truly FREE from the archetypical imprisonments.
This then WILL BE the MANYNESS of Jesus in the REAL SECOND COMING from within and not from the without.

Now, the PTB DO NOT KNOW this. But of course now they will, because the 5% have been 'leaked'.

I so share one more thing and shall leave it at that for now:

Revelation.14.13: And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.

This of course relates to the 'Harvest'; but is decoded in the manner of the 'encompassment' of the 'Christbody' by all of you (But can you take the pressure and play your parts in 'God's Own Story'?).

To summarize then; the Bill Ryan video is one of the best things hitherto produced by PA/PA and its content is fully supported by Thuban.

But as Bill says, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN as planned by the PTB, BECAUSE the absolutely correct 95% limit of the PTB is the Archetyped DRAGONHOOD.
This can be easily seen in the symbols of the PTB and the many many treatizes of this on the web say.

BUT the DRAGONS of the PTB are the MASTERS of the PTB at the 95% level.
The Parents of the Dragons of the PTB are in Thuban, belive it or not and it is they, who are in CONTROL of the Thubanese timeline under the guidance of the EVERLIVING master templar Jesus of Nazareth.

So the BIGGER DRAGONS will put their wayward Dragon Children and prodigal sons and daughters into their appropriate places.

Now because this story is actually physically true, because of this truth, are Bill Ryan and all of you who have distanced themselves from the 'evil agendas of the ETs and the PTB' justified.

Since i have basically had a positive experience with organized religion (though not currently a "practicing" Catholic), this is somewhat difficult for me to understand. i just feel like God's truth is available to us in so many diverse ways, that with or without a formal institution (which inevitably means corruption) we are each able to avail ourselves of the Grace which points us toward God/Love/Light/Goodness and away from distortion, deception, darkness. Could you comment on this for me please, Abraxas.

3) Originally Posted by Abraxas (emphasis added by me):

"God's 'Masterplan' so is to multiply 'itself' without end in a 'Family of God'.
Yet, as long as the 'Family of Man' continues to refuse to 'Remember itself' in its 'Function of the Output' and continues to 'not-reflect' its god-given Input-Life back to its source; as long will the UNITIZED God-Source remain in exile relative to itself."

[does this have anything to do with the "Agony of God?

Yes, this agony is simply LONELINESS. HESHE gave away the SHE part AS the Creation and so lost himself as herself. God's Own Story is simply the drama to get the Creation back; not as a separated SHE back as a HESHE monad; BUT in a DOUBLING of the HESHE+SHEHE. The starhumans so will be like FatherMothers and MotherFathers, something Thuban calls the Dragonomy.
This will render the exiled Father WITHOUT spacetime as a perfect mirror function of the nonexiled Father or Redeemed Mother as a SHEHE WITHIN spacetime.
This then is Gaia's ascension, as I have described many times in various contexts.

and, in a related question, if polarity exists forever (i think i understood you to say this once in response to one of my questions), then does that mean God suffers eternally?]

The end of the sufferings of the universe and all HERHIS children is at hand.

"For the IMAGE-Function of God between the plenum and the subplenum and the holographic principle of the Decimal-Monad hierarchy demands a 'Mirror of Mirrors' within the plenum of the cosmological spacetimes.
Just as the One God reflects itself as the One Universe; so must there be A DAM (a sire and a dam) as a 'Universal Archetype' within the plenum to allow 'God's Story' to proceed."

[God needs a wife? a mother for his prospective star-babies?!?]

As in the above malletzky - God's wife is the material Body of the universe. Yes, Jesus is the first starbaby, soon able to become the MANY via the cosmic eucharist, just as defined in being the 'Only Begotten' and 'Noone can go to the Father but by me' and so on.

"The Image or mastertemplate for the One Universe so becomes 'Cosmic Man Vitruvius' of the hermetic alchemist Leonardo da Vinci or 'Purusha' of the Baghavad Gita or 'Adam Kadmon' of Kabbalah or the particular individuation Malletzky on PA forum discussion forum.
Then as a miniature universe; anything whatsoever and all godlike conciousness carriers within the plenum who Malletzky encounters in whatever manner of dreams, imaginations, physical observations, experimentations and interactions; will be enabled to USE Malletzky's spacetimed mirror potential to REFLECT themselves in that for the purpose to by and through Malletzky's mirror-portal to contact the Unity-Quantum-God in the subplenum."


[I]Abraxas, if you feel like expanding on this idea at all, feel free!

Thanks so much, AA.

You are greatly honoured in Thuban malletzky for asking these questions.


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