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Default Re: Multidimensional's

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar View Post
The veils between this reality and the astral realities is thinning as the frequency of consciousness increases. What is really going to be interesting to see is when everyone starts seeing full on apparitions all of the time. That should wake some people up, or send them over the edge. Either way change is good.
I agree with you tone3jaguar!
It is extremely easy to see transdimensional entities nowadays...It is quite common for me now...They did not materialise yet...but I can see them perfectly!. There are a lot of them around... At first I could only see them like I can see them perfectly...In colours like holograms but they are there...You can see them during the night and sometimes they are appearing during the day.
Ha! I am not scared ! I am just amazed!...
I think I am going to have a lot of fun...

This is only the start!!
The thining of the veils is HERE!!

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