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Default Re: Multidimensional's

Thnks, it is easier to hear i am not alone in this experiences.

So i guess for complete interaction with them one would have to develop telepathic ability. So far i am only able to do this when i am on edge of sleep but still awake. In this state my mind is silent and i can hear other voices than my own. But still i am very limited at this field.
As for third eye i can clearly sense "it's activity" while meditating. I fell some energies buzzing and flowing trough it.
At first i did not see nothing only felt a presence. I guess everyone has their path, some see earlier, some hear earlier. But intuitively i feel that "they" facilitated this change of perception. I got on to this forum by few steps that were sutle and suggestive.
First out of blue i got urge to meditate out of the blue few months ago. Did not do that ever before. Than i started feeling pressure in back part of my head. Then i reasrched back part of brain. This lead me to term "reptilian brain". After googling reptilian brain i stumbled on David Icke youtube videos. From there all is flow of events and experiences.
I guess all "players" here have their role which is interconnected in one way or another.
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