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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post
Hi Abrax, the fact that whenever you post e new reply here there's a kind of trigger and possible explanations for some 'issues' which I'm still trying to understand, is pretty astounishing. Therefore...

...I would have two more questions for you.

First for the bellow:

Back in the mid 90's, there was a time span of about 16-18 months when I had pretty wild dreams of killing a lot of people in a kind of wars. I just had a machine gun in my hands and I killed them all, in many different dreams...Back at that time too, I was one of the persons with many fears of many, many things...

So, I was (and still am) wondering what this could have mean, as I've never been an aggresive person, nor I was in any war...

Remarkable...and strangely...but not long after these dreams stopped, a process started in which I became what I am today...a much, very much different person, without any cut the story here, I became ME as I know ME and as you know ME!

Now, If I follow the analogy in your answer to Spregovori, then I must assume that back then, 'I was killing' all other aspects of I AM, that should've evtl. stand on the way in the process of my 'awakening'.

Is there any truth in this analogy of mine?

Yes Malletzky, I would agree with that. All 'hostility' in dreams is 'a kind of processing' of a feared selfhood.

...and second, to this:

I've never ever in my life fellt that I have to deal with any 'karma'. This is something which I can't grasp at least not, when it concerns ME.
(I am however, aware that 'what goes around comes around', if I can label karma that way. And that karma really could occur...if some circumstances allow).

Now, there could be two explanations, or both of them are correct, when it comes to the fact why I don't think that 'karma' could affect ME.

The first explanation would be the fact that I don't have any feelings or memories of any previous lifes in this evolutionary cycle...(which fits the informations I got from two sources, that my last 'appearance' here should've been back in the times of Atlantis).

The second explanation...well, you just delivered a possible one, and this is another of the so called 'aha-moments'.

Wow...really, what a great 'aha-moment' for me!

Could it be, that I'm beginning to 'tap' in this highest levels of from any boundaries, free from anything? (or is it only my ego speaking here?)

Anyway, I feel no presence of any 'karma'... so why not?

Thanks in advance for your short reply and opinion.

with and respect
There is really no need to 'get rid' of the human ego, who is little more than an immature child trying to 'make and find' its place in the worlds.

When the ego has matured, it will discover the one important thing, namely its oneness with the divine ego of creation and the universal logos.
Then the individual little logos will 'surrender' to the 'big logos' and so become graduated into the 'highest order' as you stated it.

The outcome then is just as you have found out for yourself. The prime directive of the highest order is simply Individual Creativity IN THE NAME of that order, say God or Prime Creator or All That Is.

So once the 'prodigal sons and daughters' have matured their little human egos of separatedness into big divine egos of unity; the ideas of karma and divisiveness in polar oppostions will blend into duality within the monadic Oneness.

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