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Default Multidimensional's

I am clueless..

For a few months now i have been seeing multidimensional entities all day/night at home and lot places where i go.

As time passes more experiences are getting stranger and stranger. It looks like this. This "ETs" i see in their "light" body. Two times now i had full materialisation, that i can perceive. First time it was small guy humanoid alien looking with green laser like eyes. Of course this was 4 in the morning and it was pretty unsettling for me.
Second time was also about that time i was on the very edge of sleep with my eyes closed. I opend my eyes instinctively for no reason and there was by my bed very human looking being made out of silvery and bright colors. As it perceived that i seen it it had started to cloak but it took him few seconds.

The most weird thing is there are some ets that are in the room and are somehow faze ****ed. But i can see 3d shadow walking around room and can clearly hear footsteps. How wierd is that.
They are always doing something cause i keep feeling some shivers going trough my body and is i they are doing some sort of mod. on me.

This morning about 5 some kind of fog got around me and i felt that it was interacting with me in some way that i could not understand. It was like high frequencies were directed at me, and going trough my body. This happened few times, and it can be pretty scary if you perceive it that way.

The most frustrating thing is that there is no communication. So i don't know who/what, good/bad or what they want.

But experiences are intensifying by the day.

What do i do? I feel like a zoo animal, and it gets pretty wierd when you feel someone is always watching you in every (intimate) part of life.

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