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Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
My dear Abraxas,

Dear Abraxas,
Is it true that our sun Sol is only capable of sustaining life on 3D Earth for say another 50 years or so, or is it just doom-and-gloom talk? What are the sunspots we see (from our 3D perspective) in reality or I guess in a higher D? I do think suns could be cool in higher frequencies. Some say there are 12 planets inside the sun. What can you tell us about this? Will Earth ever have 2 suns and if so, when? Could it be that the new Gaia will become like a new sun (star) in the sky to the 3D Earth?

Hi Julissa!

The sun Rahsol is about 4.6 billion years old as a type G2V dwarf typical main sequence star on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

Its fusion energy derives from the mass into energy conversion (hydrogen into helium) of so 4.3 million tonnes per second and so the sun will lose about 1% of its mass of 2x10^30 kg in so 150 billion years.

As the sun will remain on the main sequence for about 10 billion years, the present age of the sun is about halfway as a G2V star, before it evolves into a red giant in about 5 billion years.

There are a number of things, people should know.

1. The Sun in 3D harbours specific physical characteristics.
a) The Core Temperature is about 16 million Kelvin
b) The Surface Temperature is about 5800 Kelvin
c) The Corona Temperature increases from the (cool) surface to 2-5 million Kelvin

The physicist's explanation for the 'unexpectated' hot corona are magnetic vortices and 'fieldlines' inducting the energy via corona mass ejections and the sunspot cycles (two 11 year halfcycles). This is often termed 'Magnetic Reconnection', possibly linked to Alfven Waves.

2. The Sun in 4D (and higher) harbourts a Solar Black Hole 10 kilometers across at its core.
a) This Solar Black Hole communicates with the planetary Black Holes of the solar system including the golfball size Black Hole art the earth's center
b) The 4D solar energy interacts with the 3D solar energy via geometrical archetypes

The Thuban omni-science has discovered the reason for the sunspot cycles.

From the Thuban archives:

A local universe about a star forms a Black Hole-White Hole dyad of ellipsoidal focalisation of the Eps-Ess duality for 2 Chandrasekhar (White Dwarf Limit) masses of 6x10^30 kg=3 time Mass of the Sun. This ratio of 1.5 is important for the inner-outer penetration of the solar syrface to 2/3 depth and 3/2 coronal halo of the radius.
(The dyadic supermembrane as a soursesink modulates frequency as inverse time being a time constant).

The Solar Frequency Fsol=c/Wavelengthsol of the Star in three 120 degree sectors.
The isoceles triangle for this trisection so defines a Solar Chord of
Sqrt(3).Rsol adjacent to the two radii Rsol, as sin60deg=Halfchord/Rsol.

Then Fsol=lightspeed/(Sqrt(3)/2)=600 million seconds/1.732..~346,410,162 seconds or 4009.4 days or 10.98 civil years.
A halfchord so defines a 11 year sunspot cycle doubling to 22 years for the full chord with the size of the star a simple proportion of the Black Hole's Photonic Ergosphere (1.5 times from the event horizon), and where photons are 'forced by gravity' to travel in orbits around the sun.

So the 4D Sun ENCOMPASSES the 3D Sun and inducts the energy from the core to its coronal perimeter via the mass-magnetocurrent equivalence APPEARING in 3D as coronal ejections, the magnetic reconnections and the Alfven waves.

The sunspot cycles are like a 'heartbeat' or breathing of the solar entity, harbouring intersolar lifeforms as 4D sentiences also utilizing the sunspot magnetic current vortices as conduits from the solar core to the coronal perimeter.

The 'materializing' geometric shapes (one the Eagle of Thuban) derive from the 4D energy manifesting 3D shadows, independent on the temperature environment.
(Like a shadow cast onto a wall from a hot object is not itself as hot as the object casting the shadow).

A basic geometry is that of a corner in your room, joined by three perpendicular vectors, each of say unit length.
Now form a 3D tetrahedron in joining the three vectors to form an equilateral trianle.
The resulting Corner of your room is now 'sealed' by a socalled 'Right-Angled Tetrahedron'.
Note, this is NOT a 'Regular Tetrahedron' as one of the five Platonic Solids and where all four triangular faces are equilateral.

Summararily then, the UFOS around the Sun are from the Sun's Interior, but are 3D shadows of their 4D reality INTERDIMENSIONAL and encompassing the observed 3D (say by SOHO).

Yes, Gaia will become a Starplanet, radiating a 'Dark Light' as electromagnetic emission at the 3x10^30 Hertz frequency and at the worhole wavelength of 10^-22 meters after the golfball sized Black Hole at the planetary center 'turns inside out' to render the Black Hole Sink-Receiver a White Hole-Source-Emitter.
This so will complete Gaia's evolution as 'dark energy absorber' and render this absorption a new energy source at the center of the planet, so rendering it a starplanet.

The idea and archetype of Nibiru and of the binary sun Nemesis so converge in the renaming of the old planet Gaia 'ascending' into starplanet status called Serpentina=In A Serpent according to the Thuban labeling.

This is an excerpt from: [The term “old soul” is an example of this fallacy in perspective. There is no such thing as an old, or, for that matter, young soul. Soul is not an entity of spacetime. It is not conditioned by time. Soul doesn’t improve with age any more than it degenerates with age. Soul is a constant unto itself, however, when soul dons the vessel of the mind, emotions, and physical body (i.e., human instrument), it does become a subject of spacetime, but only in the view of a single lifetime. ] When you mentioned that indigos are “old souls” did you mean it as in they having more physical incarnations under their sleeve compared to non-indigos?

This is just wordplay. Yes, the soul is a constant as a shard of the creator-creation and yes, all souls are as old as the universe itself, say 19.1 billion years in electyromagnetic toroidal topology.
And yes, an 'old soul' refers to one that has experienced physicality in the earth plane for a longer linear time perception, than has a 'young soul', who has not experienced many such earth-plane incarnations.

Can the totality of a human being exist below the 4th dimension?

Yes, this totality exists in all dimensions, even the null dimension of the void=eternity. Humanity collectively IS All That Is.

Do you think our generation will live to see the secrets hidden in the vaults of the Vatican?

Yes, those secrets are already known for the ones that seek and discern the 'leaks'.

Do you think this could happen before the shift?

Not generally. There will NEVER be an official disclosure of those secrets classified under the label of 'national security'; as this would amount to 'political suicide' or 'lost individual integrity and honour' and similar labelings.

I’ve noticed a somnambulist person is hypnotized-like or in a deep trance even with his eyes opened. Is it dangerous to talk to a person while he sleep-walks?

This depends on the individual situation and like any 'medicinal' symptom should not be generalised.

Some say the whales and dolphins will no longer be required to stay on Earth after the shift because the new Starhumans will be able to start anchoring cosmic energies then. Is this true? Will they stay on the old Earth?

The cetaceans are the physical representation of the ETs known as Pleiadeans and so contact with say the seven sisters (Barbara Marciniak is a channel largely supported by Thuban) will correlate and blend the ET-sentience with the cetacean sentience in physicality.

During OOB experiences why do some see their silvercord and others don’t? Could it ever break if you go “too far away” from your body? Could it break or be broken by someone/something if it’s not your time to die?

The silver cord is an old archetype of interdimensional connectivity and intersection, which has largely become replaced by the more 'modern' archetype of the wavefunction quantum entanglement in a holographic universe (matrix movies, simulation and holograms, holedecks etc. etc.).

What happens to the soul of the person who dies from an atomic blast as compared to any other form of dying?

The transition is rapid and without trauma in the unification of the tripartite consciousness of waking-sub-super. All souls are in a manner superconsciously aware of their death experience before incarnating into the consciousness divisions of the forgetfulness.

What does it mean “to exit this reality at 90 degrees”?

The 4th dimension in space (as the 5th in spacetime) is at right angles say to a corner of a cube.
So because the 3D perception cannot 'picture' any extension of the existing 3D; the 4th dimension will become selfintersecting with any of the 3 perceptible ones of length, width and breath. This then creates the 6D hyperspace a 3 possible coordinate directions, one of those becoming the 4th density so called.

What are Orbs? In the attch pic (Taken on a clear night at a friend's house) I see many orbs and also some white stuff. What do think it is?

These orbs are the manifestation of the 4th density as a shadow or projection from the 4D hyperspace.
The UFOs etc, if not manmade in 3D, all will appear as such projections in a lightform, then able to plasmerize as 4D projection.
Only after the 4th space dimension has opened up (in the Black Hole-White Hole Inversion), will the UFOs become truly physical in the 6D hyperspace coinciding with the 3D Linespace. It is like the doubling of the universal volume as a higher dimensional surface mathematically and geometrically.
This is well known in advanced mathematical physics, such as applied to knot theory and the Moebian Twists in Penrose Twistorspacetime of 7D.

On this interview Drunvalo talks about a possible storm that never goes away "Plants go crazy, and food then becomes one of the most important commodities." I guess such sudden ice age (like the ones that killed the dinosaurs) will kill billions. Could this be caused only by a pole shift or is he talking about a timeline that we'll no longer experience? Since you said a physical pole shift will not happen, Is this "northern freeze" prospect anywhere on the Thuban records?

Most generally, the last ice age was about 12,000 years ago and the glacial and interglacial periods are modelled on a variety of cycles related to solar evolution, ocean currents, airflow, magnetic pole wanderings and so on.
The trouble is that these cycles (say a 41,000 year Milankovitch cycle linked to precessional angle deviations and a 100,000 year Milankovitch cycle linked to orbital eccentricities) are extrapolated from the present configuration of the solar system and so will be unreliable as superpositioning onto the evolution of the solar system.
As all individual palnets engage in higherD consciousness evolvement as well as that for the starsytem collective, the Newtonian clockwork universe become inapplicable for such extended time periods.

The predicted 'pole shift' IS the Black Hole-White Hole inversion and NOT a flipping of the earth upside-down (an event which would destroy the earth in 3D as a relatively stable planetary biosphere fluctuating about means of equilibria).
The magnetic pole reversal has occurred previously and would temporarily render the electromagnetic communication systems unusable.

The Thuban probability analysis shows that the magnetic poles will reverse, but because of the Black Hole-White Hole Inversion, this will become 'antiflipped' and after a period of disfunctionality, the present electromagnetic grid could be reestablished.
Iow, the old earth will experience a double-flip of magnetic polarity in a say halfweek disruption of the electromagnetic planetary grid.

What are human clones? Could they be around and look just like everyone else? Do they have souls? Is it fair to say that a clone is a sort of robot? If so, could a robot get a soul?
Did the Mayans ascend en mass?

The Thuban perspective on cloning is that of what is scientific reality in the biophysics of the nonhuman lifeforms is applicable to the humnoid.
So the cloning of 'Dolly the sheep' by nuclear transfer of soma cellular material into an oocyte (developing egg cell with its own nucleus removed) indicated that the 'telomerased age' of the soma cell then implanted as a blastocyst into a surrogate mother manifests as a 'genetic age' after birth.

The 'clone' so does not become a robot, but a genetic duplicate of the somatic donor.
In terms of the 'soul' as a unique individualised electromagnetic monopolar field; a new individuality would thus be created from the DNA/RNA template of the genomic template.
This geneticism would however be restricted to the genetic gene expression of the physicality and remain distinct from the 'soul'- expression of the donor.

Iow, your clones would all look like you in physicality as defined by your own conception, BUT would all become INDIVIDUALISATIONS of the preconception parental energies, basically unrelated to your individual metaphysical evolvement, but sharing your parental ancestries in patriarchy and matriarchy.

The Maya did not ascend physically, but the group consciousness did leave the Gaian sphere after establishing the 'World-Tree' and say as described in the Calleman cosmology of the 10 tiers:
3)-Tun=360=20Vinals~0.99 CY for 13Tun~12.8 Civil Years CY = 13 Ancient Years
4)-Katun=7,200=20Tun~19.7 CY for 13Katun~256.3 CY
5)-Baktun=144,000=20Katun~394.3 CY for 13Baktuns~5,125.4 CY
6)-Pictun=2,880,000=20Baktun~7,885 CY for 13Pictun~102,507 CY
7)-Calabtun=57,600,000=20Pictun~157,703 CY for 13Calabtun~2.05 Million CY
8)-Kinchiltun=1,152,000,000=20Calabtun~3.154 Million CY for 41 Million CY (x13)
9)-Alautun=23,040,000,000=20Kinchiltun~63.08 Million CY for 820 Million CY (x13)
10)-Hablatun=460,800,000,000=20Alautun~1.26 Million CY for 16.40 Billion CY (x13)

The purpose of the Maya so was to manifest the cosmic archetypology as a nested or holofractal cosmology from the age of the universe to the cyclic day/kin count.

Why do some stars twinkle and others don’t? Are they all stars?

Stars twinkle because they are seen through layers of atmosphere, are optically contracted and so display refracted light. There are many astronomical objects, which are not classified as stars, but which can reflect, rather than emit their own light, such as moons.

According to the Thuban records, what caused the planet Marduk/Tiamat to explode?

It is a 'failed' planet, either defined by the insufficient agglomeration of mass or the scattering impact by some other large celestial object (compare formation of earth's moon below).

In terms of the mythology it is simply the old archetype of the 1st Order becoming twofold in 2nd order (with an INTERNAL polarity bifurcation), then resulting in 3rd Order in the EXTERNALISATION of the polarity in manifestation.
Null Order=The undifferentiated Chaos (say)

1st Order: Undifferentiated Polarity
Greek: (Eros+Abyss/Tartarus+Night/Erebus)+Gaia=Uranus+Gaia
Egyptian: Ra+Apep in internal mirror images Yang/Yin=...
Mesopotamian: FreshWater of Apsu/Yang+SaltWater of Tiamat/Yin=Nammu=...

2nd Order: Internally differentiated Polarity as Unity
Greek: Titans, in six males with six females say from Oceanus with Tethys
Egyptian: Shu=Father Sky+Tefnut=Mother Earth
Mesopotamian: Lahmu+Mummu=Lahama

3th Order: Externally differentiated Polarity
Greek: Titans led by Cronus with Rhea
Egyptian: Geb=Father Earth+Nut=Mother Earth
Mesopotamian: Anshar+Kishar

4th Order: Beginning of the Generations of the Gods and Goddesses
Greek: Olympians, led by Zeus+Hades with Metis/Consorts+Consorts
Egyptian: Osiris+Isis with Set+Nephthys twinships etc.
Mesopotamian: Anu+Ki into Enlil+Ninlil+Ea/Enki+Dumkina

The male semen=essence=fresh water=ground water so follows the order of Uranus/Ra/Apsu---Titan/Shu/Lahmu---Cronus/Geb/Anshar---Zeus,Hades/Osiris,Set/Anu,Enlil,Enki---...
The female essence=salt water follows the orders of Gaia/Apep/Tiamat---Titaness/Tefnut/Lahama---Rhea/Nut/Kishar---Metis,Hera/Isis,Nephthys/Ki,Ninlil,Dumkina---...

Marduk is the son of Ea+Dumkina and like Zeus (or Horus as the son of Osiris+Isis) challenges the 'old order' in Cronus (or Set, the usurper of Osiris), the usurper of Uranus; Marduk challenges the 'murder' of Apsu (who wished to eliminate the younger gods) by Ea in Qingu+Tiamat.

Sin is the son of Enlil+Ninlil (as Anubis the son of Set+Nephthys) and continues the 'cosmic twinship' archetype of Anshar-Anu and Enlil-Enki in Marduk-Sin in the external polarisation leading back into unification in the third generation.

The fourth generation will so result in this unification in 'The Queen from Heaven' in Innana=Ishtar=Esther (biblical)=Mary=Venus=Aphrodite say as the daughter of Sin+Ningal and 'twinbrother' Utu/Shamash. As Aphrodite then Ishtar can reclaim the primordial creation, having been 'unnaturally' created from the foam of the primordial waters as the genitals of Uranus (compare Isis substituting Osiris phallus after it had been eaten by a 'Spider of Set').

Was it really a water planet?

No, this associates the above creation mythology of the 'waters' with the natural icyness of the Oort comets.

What can you tell us about the people who lived there?

No 'people' ever lived on Marduk/Tiamat as a 'failed' planet of agglomeration or as 'failed' planet of say an impact collision.

What can you tell us about Jupiter's moon Europa?

Europa has an oxygenated atmosphere, albeit not biologically generated like on earth, but by atmospheric physics and a subterranean ocean. So 3D extraterrestrial life could assume the form of thermophiles (sunlight independent bacteria) and free oxyen could form by cosmic ray bombardment of Europa's surface topology. From this the early terrestrial evolution of archaea to fish vertebrata can proceed.

Europa so represents the 3D environment in the solar system today most suitable to harbour lifeforms as we know them.

For more info websearch Europa - moon of Jupiter.

What kind of beings live on Ganymede?

Interdimensional ETs.

Is Iapetus artificial like our moon?

The moon is NOT artificial, neither is Iapetus.

And was it ever used as a weapon like a "Death Star"?


Why does Mercury not have a moon?

Same reason Venus has no moon. It is too close to the sun and strong solar tides would destabilize any gravitationally 'captured' satellite.

What determines if a planet is to have a moon or not and the amount of moons it has? Is it true that our moon was "towed" to its present location? How are natural moons formed?

Moons can result from the collision of a parent planet with an incoming large asteroid-like object relatively early in the evolution of a solar system. In the case of the earth, a Mars sized object crashed into the yet hot and molten earth so 100 million years old and after the impact distributed the greater mass in the centripetal forces of the rotation dynamics.

The moon was NOT 'towed' by ETs to its present location. One can say however, that the impacting celestial object was 'manouvered' by ETs to give the necessary parameters of size and inertia.
One such parameter was required to align the 0.5 degree of angular sizes of the Moon and the Sun to allow the phenomenon of eclipses to occur.

Is it possible that a moon could expand into a planet? What made our moon to have an almost circular orbit?

No, the moon, as is cannot expand and its orbit is a consequence of the celestial physics.

Will the Earth ever grow rings like Saturn?

The earth has 'rings' now in the Van Allen belts and atmospheric regions like the Troposphere and the Stratosphere. Saturnian like rings would require a more massive earth to tidally and gravitationally distribute some incoming object (comet or asteroid) in such a manner (see below).

Why is Saturn the only planet in our solar system that has rings? Are these rings a sort od shield or protection?

Those rings are basically purified ice crystals and dust particles and are much younger than Saturn, the planet. They represent the remnants of a icey comet from the Oort cloud and asteroids, which were captured by Saturn's gravity say 100 million years ago and then became tidally distributed into this ring structure by utility of celestial mechanics.

In a hypothetical, will these rings affect humans in the same way our moon does?


How do the rings affect the inhabitants of Saturn?

The inhabitants of Saturn are not 3D creatures, but interdimensional sentiences using the rings, gases, atmospheres etc to manifest in a predominantely gaseous physicality.

Why does menstruation and specially childbirth have to be always painful for women? Will it always be like this?

The degree of painfulness differs amongst women in 3D and the fertility cycles will likewise differ in the lightbodies. Some babies are born with greatly diminished pains underwater for example.
The lightbodies EXTEND the 3D bodies; they do NOT replace them.

I believe you mentioned procreation will still be the same after the shift. If Starhumans will be brand new She, He, HeShe, and SheHe’s, will they still have menses in the higher dimensions?

If the 3D biology is invoked, then the biochemistry will prevail. The restrictions of the 3D life will however be alleviated relative to the 'energization' of the 4D bodyforms. Same so goes for eating and drinking, elimination and so on.
The biovitality will be more refined as the requirement for food will be greatly diminished, especially in solid forms. Yet it will be possible, as for example Jesus did eat fish in the lightbody {John.21.13}.

Will they become androgynous in a short time (like some star people look like), or will this be a biological evolution that requires many generations to accomplish?

As Paul writes: "In the twinkling of an eye, we shall all be changed."

Why does the moon have so much control over women's moods?

Because it embodies the female principle as 3rd order celestial archetype. The femine REFLECTS the light from the masculine as lightgiver.

What will happen to them if we ever have two moons?

Multiple moons as planetary satellites require a change in the celestial mechanics, just as is the case for binary suns. What you term zodiacal magnetomonopolic enegy inductions so would become reconfigured in a resdistribution of archetypes. This then would require redefinition of geometric patterns in the DNA/RNA etc.

Is it true that eventually Starhumans could be born older than babies do now, and not from inside a woman?

No, starhumans are simply evolved humans, who can utilize the 4th spacial dimension through their lightbodies.

Jesus said, "When you see one who was not born of woman, prostrate yourselves on your faces and worship him. That one is your father."

This means the starhumans, who have realised their origins as 'parts and sondaughters and daughtersons of the father' in say the 'Family of God'.
This can only occur if the Jesus-template is multiplied to allow this template to manifest in said starhumans. Then the Father will become a FatherMother (then WITH a physical universe - before creation it was, but WITHOUT that creation). Then the manyness of the 'Cosmic Christening' will allow the FatherMother to become a GrandFather+GrandMother in 1st order and allow the Starhumans to become the Father(Mothers) and the Mother(Fathers). So you are actually 'prostrating' yourself before your own unified selfhood.

At what level of consciousness do humans start procreating from outside their bodies?

Depends what you mean with procreating - sexual intercourse between lightbodies will enhance, not diminish the sensual experiences of 3D bodies as 4D bodies. The cosmos is sexually supercharged on all levels.

This brings me to another inquiry: Do humans get physically taller as they move up in evolution/dimensions?


Can the use of technology like the Large Hadron Collider cause enough disruption as to prevent, delay or modify Earth's path of ascension or is Gaia always in complete control of her destiny?

No to the first question and yes to the second in the first order of definition.

How does a person
remember their cosmic ID or name? Could it dawn on a person, even if not consciously looking for it?

You may have one or many such names. You may either come across it someplace or seemingly invent it or dream about it.


Your welcome


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