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Smile The Word: "Warrior"

I was reading the forum based on Project Light Warrior (Also in General Discussion), and i just wanted to start this thread for the meaning behind the word "warrior".

In this world (which we are moving above and beyond), a brief google definition of the word resembles...

warrior (wr-r, wr-)
1. One who is engaged in or experienced in battle.
2. One who is engaged aggressively or energetically in an activity, cause, or conflict: neighborhood warriors fighting against developers.


My two cents conclude this - I consider myself a warrior, a warrior for peace.

I was gifted a book on this last backpacking journey i took of europe (mostly in the mountains), and through a remarkable set of synchronicities i was gifted a book titled Shambhala - The Path of the Warrior. I read this book continuously between meditation centres and volunteering for folks (im a poor dude) and was planning on giving it to my parents. Unfortunately, it's such an enlightening book that the baggage guys coming back into the country snagged it. Thats the way of the universe, maybe they needed the knowledge badly.

Nevertheless, an excerpt from the book is stuck in my mind - it goes something like...

"A warrior is someone who is so connected with his world, that the landing of a butterfly on his palm will bring tears to his eyes, the blowing of the wind will bring him to his knees, weeping in happiness."

p.s. thats a lightsaber of peace, like the jedi!
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