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Default Re: Friday's Full Moon in Leo

Originally Posted by dayzero View Post
So, the last few days are the shape of things to come.......
Shaken up enough?
Uncertain about the future?
That's just how you should be feeling!

And we ain't seen nothin yet.......

Get ready, get flexible and get ahead of the game by studying
the trends and currents, as above so below,
for all the children of the storm.....


"The Moon is our constantly changing companion.
She lifts our tides and lights our nights.
She reflects our needs, moods and daily deeds."

"StarIQ cofounder Jeff Jawer looks at astrological events for this lunar cycle to
describe energy patterns for the month ahead.
This is a big picture view of the general cosmic
weather that affects us all."

Full Moon in Leo

Friday, January 29, 10:18 pm PST, Saturday,
January 30, 1:18 am EST

The dramatic, outgoing and playful characteristics of the
Moon in Leo opposite the Sun in cool Aquarius reveals the
contrast between self-interest and collective concerns.

This Full Moon is heated by a conjunction with aggressive
Mars that can bring out the feisty side of personalities.

Fighting to feel important or in a fit of pique is only going to
inflame a situation or bring embarrassment.

This passion is too good to be wasted in anger when its
creative energy is more suitable for enterprising projects.

thank you dayzero.......will take this into concideration when we do out imbolc ritual this friday to sunday, always usefull to know what going on with the energy

love m x
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