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Originally Posted by She-Ra View Post
Gita - much respect to you for having started out so young.
Back at you girl! My earliest recollection of refusing to eat meat is about age 4 and I would just raid the fridge and eat the biggest fruits I could find which I was getting constantly told off for but I stuck to my principle and I still have to fight my mum to this day as she still tries to feed me meat by sneaking it in my food. Mothers!!

Just like to say how in your picture you look so similar to my sister but she's got black hair - spooky!

Originally Posted by She-Ra View Post
When I cook, I cook on high heat and quickly, steam, and sometimes I bake. I'm probably about 50/50 raw at the moment and more when being healthy.
Great tip.

Originally Posted by eleni View Post
Phtha- I am willing to share- I'm a certified raw chef (but not raw anymore although I eat a lot of living foods) LOL.....what type recipes are you looking for? I like to keep it simple (better on digestion) so do a lot of raw soups and salads and fermented vegetables (and kefirs such as water kefirs, coconut kefirs) green juices, sea vegetables etc;
Hi eleni. It would be great if you could start a thread with just recipes in it as they sound delicious.

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