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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by JohnMatX View Post
"You know funny thing is, the Black ops projects that use Quantum Physics have found out much what is said in Keylontic Science about the quantum particles called Partiki. They are missing pieces of it. I know its more your Ego making a prediction but in time. Things that once were believed will be soon shown, to either be false or true. I know how much this stuff flies over your head. So when we see things that we can not fully understand. We either do two things reject it for not understanding it or go the harder route and see where the it takes us. For a while I went the easy and believed in just focusing on LOVE and Light. As source is open to all possibilities we should be open to. Yes things may not resonate at first because the truth we're feed is to easy to understand. When science and spirituality can be the simplest thing but we know it takes alot more understanding for the creator to create. Much as it takes knowledge to build computers or microchips. As Above, SO Below.
The other thing I noticed about Keylontic Science is the speaker is fluid in speaking and does not channel. To much information and detail go in to it. Yes you can think its all a random lie but if you think about it. The dark only want us to know bits and pieces. Give them sugar cookies and tell them only the good side. Just enough for it to resonate with their 3-D minds. Tell them to traveling threw worm holes or black holes. Act like it a natural passage. O wait did they tell you about Star gates or you own anatomy about how to heal it yourself. Or do they tell you to call on them for Help.
The one thing we all need to do is ask questions and see the WHole picture. Even it is worse then we can take. We have to face it. If most of atlantis didn't make the Stellar Activation cycles (Ascension). How do you expect Us too? Our knowledge is children's play to what they once knew. Keylontic science did bring out the teaching then too. It was called the Emerald Tablets but was later watered down and distorted. Just as the Religions of this world are. They were once oral and written traditions handed down. This scared knowledge was kept by Legions that lived in different REgions, Hence the word Re-Legion. My point is much we don't know but out if all the paths I found. None has the Detail and persona of the speakers. You can see people channel other entities, which is very dangerous to your anatomy. Plus its an agreement to be possessed for a moment in time.
We are here to be sovereign beings and non dependent on "Those" to save US. The whole reason we are in this turmoil is because we look outside ourself. All is within YOU and none is without You. Ask your higher self, do these teaching teach me to look outside myself? Does it Say Earth and Everybody on is going to Ascend? That thought is actually a violation of Free Will of CHoice. Just as you can choose what path to take. Doesn't mean Everybody wants to Ascend. The other thing I bring up is. If the WHole earth is Ascending. Then why are we cooling? As ascension is to raise in Frequency which is heat(Energy). That's why the Illuminati planned on the Earth getting hotter because they knew ascension was coming but Since 30,000 scientist has argued and shown the Earth is Cooling. Even the Hacker that exposed the data manipulation emails show this to be the case of a cooling Earth. Why are we not increasing in Vibrational heat? Idk if that holds any water for ya for me it bring up Questions. As Above SO Below. I believe Ascension is more a personal choice then ever. The majority of our collective still wants this 3D paradigm aka Path of FALL (Alignment) since 2007. Many have told me that the Earth is Purging and that's why its cooling.
In time we shall see. You don't have to believe any thing I say. Heal and know yourself. Only then your filters will be clear. In much Kristic Love and Gratitude John M"

My issue with Ash'yana Deane (and I've read all three books, watched the videos available- granted I am not a student of her teachings) is that my belief is that she does not hold the keys to the ONLY truth.......
I take what she says with a grain of salt, I do this not only with what she has to say but what other's have to say as well.

And my belief is that there are many evolved souls right now on the planet that don't need A.Haye's material to ascend.
Her method is not the only valid one. He blanket statements without proof (such as above with people sent through wormhole tehc cannot ascend is pure rubbish IMO)...... And to quote you if we are open then we should be open to ideas that are not part of Ashyana's Deane's teachings as well......

Thank you John Max for your brilliant words. I do believe in much of what ashayanna writes about In fact I went back and listened to some videos of her that I downloaded previously and I'm happy to report regardless of what others may say here.........................she was not channelled or involved in the Montauk project.................Your remarks on those resonates with me. She says you would have to lose over 30% in order for this to happen and then you are able to reactivate. That of course is her opinion and something that I would not bank on.

Also, the reason I copied all of what you wrote here is because it shows that your information was edited by Eleni and I wondered how that happened and why.

I know that her name shows up in a different color than the rest of ours but I do not know her as a mod so why is it that she can edit your work
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