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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Hi Abraxasinas, I have additional questions

I am a "little" confused... (so my questions might also be confused)

Propagation of a group mind is a deliberate distraction?
The common focus of the individual minds is better than a group mind?

Is group mind a less preferred option since it can be easily manipulated, while a common focus of individual minds can not be?

Due/After to the coming change...there will be many different "paths" that people will take?
One of the paths being a result of the group mind?
One path will be a result from a common focus of the individual minds?
One path will be a different kind of the common focus of individual minds...etc?

So our "task" now is for each individual to focus on what he/she wishes to...manifest?

After the change there will only be one reality?

All that is will coexist in the same universe?

Will the people with different focus still exist on the same planet or will there be a separation?

If you were one of the on this planet...what would you do - regarding the coming situation?