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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by abraxasinas View Post
Dear Sabina!
It is a question of symmetry.
Exodus.3.14 defines the 'holy' and 'unspeakable' name as a detour in ARCHETYPE.
Then knowing this 'wordplay' will empower BOTH words as having been DECODED.
I AM ThaT=Mirror AM I is symmetric in precision: IAM|MAI.

But I AM ThaT=Mirror I AM is not in precision: IAM|IMA.

But indeed your writing is also symmetric in AM I ThaT=Mirror I AM: AMI|IMA

There is a detailed discussion of this here (scoll down to I.1):


O ya while I am at it. lol Might as well write what I know rings true for me. I am that I am is A Fallen Angelic teaching! As the bible and much of the New age movement have been manipulated. Ask you self and feel out what I say. I am that ? How does it feel when you say it. Is that focusing your Energy out side of you or inside of you? Now say and breath this in.... I AM THIS I AM.... Does this focus your energy to connect to your core? Now say that is all I AM.... does it feel limiting or does it feel empowering? Now say I AM this.... do you feel more connected to the source for the source is in you, not outside of you? For me this feels more alive and connected. That is THAT. THIS feels like a BIG YESSS. You decide. Don't think what you taught to believe but Feel/Know. Breath and relax and feel.
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