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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
we posed the question,
of the fragment aka the soul of jesus
(poor choice of words)
there are some people,
who believe, that it wasn't until his later days
on earth, where he had completed his journey
that, he could be said,
to have '1000 watts of light' turned on

Hi Susan!
Yes there are many ideas - all partially true and partially false.
Only HESHE can 'give the truth' as the Logos in herhis own story.

there are others, who do NOT believe he was even here,
and, some who believe, he is NOT any different
than other children of god,
just that he utilised his potentials
to the best degree possible
ie; having turned on his 1000 points of light

Yes, the New Age 'Everyone is the Christ' and there is no difference between the Buddha and Jesus has caused much confusion.

There is the ONE Christ incarnated AS the Template (say cookie shape for the dough) THEN allowing the 'dough' to be used to make MANY cookies JUST LIKE Jesus. THEN the Cosmic Christ becomes Many from the One and THEN will the Melchisedekian Order BE the Cosmic Dispensation.

We all are called into this 'Cosmic Office', but we all have not yet obtained the diplomas.

The 13th center will multiply in 12 will multiply in 12x12=144 in doubling of the archetype of the androgyne of Susan marrying herself to become a New Creation THEN able (and NOT before) to process the 'Christening'.

It's 'hard work' not given on a platter.


so, our question was NOT posed
as, a 'fragmented' soul piece - as in a shamanic type of journey
to gather an assortment of pieces

but, as a fragment/or soul called jesus
(and, we are aware, he has a lot of different names too)

thank you / just wanted to clear the air, on the meaning, within our question
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