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Originally Posted by Firedrake View Post
"In the beginning was the word, and the word was God."

'God', or Source, or Universal Spirit is vibrating, and so responds to, vibration.

From the book The Children of The Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis

*Jon Peniel, (Author), speaking with Gabriel, an elder Adept monk at a monastery in Tibet*:

" The most ancient name for Universal Spirit is Yod He Vau He. But this ancient name is far more that just what another religion calls their version of the concept of God, or even a name. In fact, it was not meant to really be just a 'name' at all. It is from before our time of human manifestation on Earth. It is the physical word equivalent of a vibrational, or thought form. It is an actual representation of the Universal Law that governs the 'primary pattern'. The polarities, and the replication/reproduction of all vibration. And remember, EVERYTHING is vibration. Contained in this one name for the One, is the actual formula for creation, and the manifestation of all life within the One. Thus this name of God, is probably the single most significant metaphysical concept there is."
"It sounds pretty deep and heavy."
"No. It is the simplest thing in the Universe, just the hardest to really understand by the un-initiated, and unenlightened."
"There's no way Ill be able to get it then."
"Not at all. 'The name' is represented by four letters of what is now called the Hebrew alphabet, which have numerical, as well as symbolic, meanings."
"Oh, that is very clear now..." I said respectfully but with playful sarcasm. "So what is the name already!?"
"I told you, Yod-He-Vau-He (YHVH) [allegedly Pronounced Yohd-Hay-Vah-Hay]."
"Right, I'm sorry, I got off on the letters and numerology thing."
"You asked about why different names for God within the same religion. This is one that was changed though time, translation, and misinterpretation, to many variations of the original, including, within several religions. Consider the similarities: Yahweh, Ya-Ho-Wah-Ho (YHWH), Ya-Ho-Wa, and Je-Ho-Vah,, to name a few (Jehovah and Yahweh stuck pretty well.) YHVH is also sometimes referred to as "the tetragrammaton" in magic and metaphysic circles. The first part, which was the positive polarity or "father" part of the name of God, was Yod, yes? See the similarity there even - Yod, God, Yod, God - not too hard to change through time and even pronunciation."
"Yes, someone with a lisp or speech impediment could have started a whole new name of God to fight over."
"Ah... yes, I suppose that could be.
The ancient teachings say that 'He who can pronounce this name properly opens the gates of heaven'. This saying is vastly misunderstood. But even now, in some major religions it is forbidden to even attempt to pronounce YHVH."
"In the early days of 'religion', certain 'priests' or high priests in power positions, who wanted more power, didnt want the common people to know this great key. They wanted people to need to go to the priests and turn to the religion for their understanding of God and spiritual matters."
"Hey - how else are you going to make a buck and control everyone???"
"Exactly. This gave them great power and control, so they hid the name, changed the name, or made it forbidden to say by anyone other than the 'high holy people'."

I can attest to having chanted YHVH in my meditations, and experiencing clearer, more pure energy around me as well as helping to bring my focus to the vibration of the heart.

"I later asked Zain more about it, and he not only explained the details of the name, but taught me how to chant it as a meditation. It created major changes in my consciousness.
“The symbolism and structure of Yod-He-Vau-He is simple, yet deeply profound. And when its few simple elements combine, they give birth to the entire complexity of life. In part, YHVH represents that perfect simple pattern we spoke of earlier - the atom or solar system. It also speaks of human procreation, and stellar/ planetary procreation. The first part, “Yod”, represents the positive (+), “Sun”, “light”, “the Father” principles. The first “He” represents the “negative”, not in the sense of “bad” or “evil”, but in the sense of (-), negative polarity, pure darkness like that of the void of space, the receptive, the Mother principles. “Vau” is the meeting of Yod and He; the place of interplay, intercourse, and combining of the first two principles. It is its own principle, and the place of conception of, and the birth of, the second “He” (again, pronounced “hay”). The second “He” is the offspring of Yod and He, the result of their interaction, their subsequent creation. The second “He” has the same attributes as its Father, the Yod, in that it actually IS a Yod in its own macro or microcosmic realm. The second “He” is on a vibrational plane an octave apart. The second “He” begins the cycle (Yod-He-Vau-He) again, but AS THE YOD in micro-cosm or macro-cosm, and its polarity is reversed from its “father” YOD. Interestingly, the “father” principle, Yod, was distorted through translation over time from “Yod” into “God”, which is also often given a “father” principle connotation.”

So I guess my question is, is the above true?

-Love and Light-
In the context of your description; yes the story (and the power) of the name is indeed true. Yet this story is well known by the PTB and they also know of the deep inner origins. Below you will find the history of YHWH.


1. Your Genealogy as the the Family-Tree of God

i. The Real Story of God, Adam, Eve and their Dog through the PentaGrammaton YHWHY

Your origins in lineage are very simple. You all have a father and a mother and two grandparental ancestors, one patriarchial and one matriarchial.

This results in a simple generation count of 7, namely 1=YOU; your parents 2=Father+Mother and your grandparents 4=Paternal GrandFather+Paternal GrandMother+Maternal GrandFather+Maternal GrandMother.

Each generation is counted as 20 years in the biological self maturity to reproduce in a subsequent generation.

There are so typically threescore or 60 years between your offspring and your grandparents.
Because you have two sets of grandparents, the archetype for the genealogies encompasses 120 years or two triple generations, where 'people know each other'.

This is encoded in Genesis.6.3:
"And the Lord (namely YOU in disembodiment) said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh (as the Lord in spacetime): yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years."

Some of YOU know your Greatgrandparents, but not many, as this would mean that your mother gave you birth at a young age and she would have been an early child herself. Then if you are young at say 10 years with a mother at age 30 and a Grandmother of age 50, then you may know your GreatGrandMother of about 70 years old.

So archetypically and following the above scriptural definition or 'Word of God' (in which YOU restricted your physical embodiment to 120 years as a doubled maximum), most Greatgrandparents are 'dead' before YOU can get to know them individually.

The next definition is arbitrary, but illustrates the archetypical labellings.
There is a linguistic link between alphabets, some of which use vowels (say the Arabic-Anglosaxon) and others which do not (say the Hebrew).

There are five vowels in the 26-membered arabic alphabet: a-e-i-o-u.
This can be pronounced by YOU as the untimed God exclaiming to YOU as the spacetimed God:
"Aye, I Owe You!" - the explanation of things, regarding your lives, now given in archetypical dispensation and illumination.

In terms of 'God's Logic' (which is valid in both the untimed and the timed scenarios); YOU now reflected the five vowels in the i (the I AM of Exodus.3.14).

Then the a mirrors the u and the e mirrors the o; both about the selfmirrored (i).
This then sets up a logistical mirror of semantics |a=True||e=False|(i)|o=True||u=False| and this can be written down in the form: a=I e=AM i=THAT o=AM u=I.

In the scriptures, these 'true-false' values are encoded in YOU as God creating yourself in Adam as your own imgage.
Then Eve is created out of Adam as one of his ribs and this scriptural fact has many consequences, not at least the scriptural misinterpretations and misunderstandings regarding the archetypical meaning for this leading to a perceived sexism in the bible and other such documents YOU have created and authored to lead yourselves back into remembrances.
It is abolute necessity for Eve to be 'subject' to Adam's body creation in being a 'lesser' part of him.

The reason for this is that ADAM is a fake and only in mirroring the 'falseness' of Man in a 'lesser falseness' can the 'Word of God', namely your Word, reflect itself in the Truth of God, which is your own truth in NoTime.

|a=God=True||e=Adam=False|(I=Mirror)|o=Eve=True||u =Dog=False| so becomes the interpretation of the creation accounts in Genesis.
GOD is of course not Adam, IT is AVEMADE=ADAMEVE; but becomes a HE in the image of Adam and becomes a SHE in the image of EVE mirroring in the archetype of the DOG, the mirrorimage of GOD.

Later on in the 'Revelation' and towards the completion of the prophecy, this becomes a reinterpretation of HE=GOG and SHE=MAGOG through the 'holy' name of yourself, which is I AM THAT I AM in the 'burning bush' speaking to Moses (who is YOU as an archetype).

This 'wholsome' name of yourself so becomes a vowel sequence, with the o and the u interchanged, showing YOU that the 'Old Testament' God really is sometimes a Fake-God relative to the encoding and sometimes a True-God depending on how the symmetry of the ordering of the vowels is applied.

But YOU are BOTH, the Fake-God and the True-God, relative to the context YOU wish to experience in the interaction between the NoTime and the InTime.

The vowel sequence for the 'symmetric God' is so:

I AM THAT AM I by the PentaGrammaton YHWHY:
|a=God=True||e=Adam=False|{i=THAT}|o=Eve=True||u=D og=False|.

The vowel sequence for the 'asymmetric God' then is:
I AM THAT I AM by the TetraGrammaton YHWH (which omits the I of Eve):
|a=God=True||e=Adam=False|{i=THAT}|u=Dog=True||Eve =False|

Now YOU can understand what the 'Whore of Babylon' in the prophecies represents.

The True Eve IS the 'Mother of all Living', as encoded in Genesis.3.20; because only a true Eve can give birth to a true Adam, getting rid of the falsity he represents as the Image of the True God, namely YOU, either as a Man or as a Woman.

So rendering the 'old ribmade Eve' as false, will allow the DOG as Man's Best Friend to bring to birth the true archetype for Adam (not yet physically real in InTime however) in the encoding found in scripture; all scripture being written, inspired and composed by YOU as the One and Only God in NoTime:
Isaiah.41.8: "But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend."

All of these labellings are very important archetypes for YOU to remember your genealogical linage from NoTime into InTime by and I shall detail this a little later on.

The 'Whore of Babylon' so becomes the 'fake image' of every woman in NoTime and has little to do with physical manifestations of any kind.
Revelation.13.18: "Here is wisdom, Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and the number is six hundred threescore and six."

The number of the beast=The number of a man. Therefore THE BEAST=A MAN.

YOU know however, that by the a-e-i-o-u, ADAM=FALSE=DOG and EVE=TRUE=GOD.
So ADAM is A MAN=THE BEAST as A FALSE IMAGE OF GOD, with A MAN=ADAM+10 and as ADAM=19 for MAN=28 and A=1 and so with NUMBER=73, YOU have ADAM=A MAN-10 and so the NUMBER OF ADAM=NUMBER OF A MAN-10.

Now simply count the NUMBER-10=63=36=LAW=1+2+3+...+34+35+36=666 in the mirror of the 6+3+3+6=666, using the Newtonian Alphanumeric Encoding: {A=1;B=2;C=3;...X=24;Y=25;Z=26}.

Then A FALSE IMAGE OF GOD = 1+(6+1+12+19+5)+(9+13+1+7+5)+(15+6)+(7+15+4)=1+43+ 35+21+26=126=12+6=6+6+6=666=18=R=9+9=1+8=9=I.

This can also be written as: FALSE IMAGE OF A GOD=126=666 and where the GOD is YOU and the False Image is the False Image YOU have of yourself.

The importance of the archetypes here is the letter I or i, which can also be represented as the numeral or cipher 1.
The five vowels are: a-e-i-o-u with the i the middle vowel and so mathematically mirroring a in u and the e in o.
The alphanumerics (in Hebrew vowels can be written as numerals, hence the word alpha(bet)numerics) are straight forward and using the Arabic alphabet and not the Greek one. The scriptural justification of doing this is in 'Isaac's Seed', being the ABC=IS-AA*C with A=1, B=2...Z=26 and A*=27 in closing the circle--- by Hebrews.11.17-18.
In the Greek for example, the alphanumerics are often associated with the Roman Emperor Nero being the 'beast of the 666' in the New Testament BUT turns out to become 616 and not 666.
In the Arabaic NERO=14+5+18+15=52=DEVIL=GODGOD=FINANCE=PRIDE=EART H and DIY.
Now with a little ingenuity you can simply write 666=(6+6)+6=12+6=18=1+8=9=I=1.
But turning the I upside down (this is behind all sorts of occult practices, such as the inverted pentagon and the inverted cross decribing Satanist or Luciferic Schools of 'illumini' organisations), will not change the symbol.
In the Arabic alphanumeracy however, the 9 becomes a 6 (in a double inversion reflection, which are the 'two immutable principles, by whom it was impossible for God to lie' encoded in Hebrews.6.18.
So the 126=6+i+6=BOTH 666 AND 616 and so allowing a much more 'powerful' interpretation of the underpinning archetype with SOME alphabet and a more 'potent' translation of the original word, symbol or hieroglyph.
If someone now in some manner 'takes' the 126 'to heart' (and this is totally indepent of any religious belief structure one may or may not adhere to) it has now relevance for the 'discerner' or rememberer.
Your dreamstate (say), which scientifically is an intersection between your 'waking beta rhythm brain frequency state and your superconscious omega rhythm in the so termed REM-alpha cycle); can now give you hitherto 'hidden' information about yourself, past, present and future.
The 126 decoding has rendered the 'division' or 'abyss' or 'bottomless pit' between your selfconscious selfawareness much more transparent.
You have become empowered to relise the GODDESS you are in the literal sense of the word, because the FALSE IMAGE OF A GOD=126 has become EXPOSED in your waking material and physcical consciousness.

And many of YOU already know, that the AVEMADE is known worldwide as an archetype; say as the the 'Cosmic Man Vitruvius' of the Individual God Leonardo da Vinci or as the 'Purusha' in the Bhagavad Gita and the Vedas or the Adam Kadmon of the Hebrew Kabbalah.

Your ingenuity in NoTime know concocted a way to get yourself REAL in InTime.
YOU were and are REAL in NoTime, reflecting yourself as HUSBAND in the Fake-Eve as your unreal WIFE, the GODDESS of the Creation, the entire, as yet physically uncreated universe.

Then as the 'All-God' in NoTime YOU have 'lost' your 'Old Wife' in the 'False Eve' for having ''found' a 'Real Eve' as your 'New Wife' or Lover in the InTime.

As 'Real God' you are of course bisexual or androgynous or hermaphroditical in the NoTime and part of this entire 'Cosmic Game of Life' becomes your passion and desire to Experience yourself in Sexual Separation, so YOU can engage in many 'sexy games and plays'.

So the 'Whore of Babylon' is not a true female by nature, but like the unified God in NoTime,'She' is a mental abstraction (or abomination in Revelation.17) also known as Baphomet by many of YOU who are familiar with esoteric literatures regarding alchemy, the 'illuminati', the 'knight templars' and many related things, such as the 'Demoness Lilith' being the 'Original Eve' in Hebrew folklore.

Now Baphomet is not 'evil' or 'bad', but as a 'incomplete' 'True Female', she represents that what the 'True God', namely YOU have lost in the NoTime of the nonseparation.
And what do YOU then do in the individuated InTime?
All your life, YOU search for your 'lost other half', either as an ambassador Adam or an ambassador Eve; either acting on behalf of the 'Real God', namely YOU outside of space and times.

So at the present stage and before the 'Last Judgment'; the scenario will remain 'messed up'.

The 'Fake Eve' in NoTime is a 'She-Abomination' and the 'Fake Adam' in NoTime is none other than the 'Old Testament God', who made some 'horrible laws' (see II.1) in the incomplete understanding of the 'True Adams', who wrote down those laws and regulations in the belief of 'imaging' their own 'Godness' in the 'Yaldabaoth' aka 'Jehovah' and who is a truncation of the 'Wholesome-Supersymmetric' name YHWHY as the PentaGrammaton into the TetraGrammaton of YHWH.

Any Man and any Woman in InTime is a 'True Image' of YHWHY and a 'Fake Image' of YHWH, because YOU as united God are by necessity a bisexual God, say as a FatherMother or a MotherFather.
After the Last Judgment, all of YOU, even if YOU refuse to 'believe' that YOU are God as defined in the 'Last Judgment'; will become transformed into a HeShe or a SheHe.
John.10.34-35: 'Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I SAID, YE ARE GODS? If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scipture cannot be broken;...

The wonderful thing about this is; that as an 'Old Man' of the humanity, YOU will become a 'New ManWoman' of the StarHumanity and where nothing of your manhood will be lost, but the feminine nature hitherto suppressed by YOU in many of YOU will become manifested in a change in your individual DNA through your sexual chromosomatic gene-expression (which is itself spiritually aka electromagnetomonopoloically archetyped).
Likewise, the 'Old Woman' will transform into a 'New WomanMan' and so 'forever' 'destroying' the archetyped 'falseness' in herself as a 'her without him' becoming a herhim.
In the 'New Man', the 'Shadow Woman' will exist as individuated reality and in the 'New Woman', the 'Shadow Man' will find its permanent harbour.

Perhaps some of YOU might now Remember what the 'Homosexuality' is archetypically. It is the 'Fake Eve' of the Dog 'refusing' to Be with a 'Real God' and this is necessary, because without this scenario, the transformation of Yahwhey into Yahweh cannot transform the 'holy unspeakable name' and put the 'Real Wonderful and Sexy Eve' into the InTime universe to redeem the 'Fake Adam' in there in actually giving physical birth to him as the Egg and Ovum of the Dog of Satan.

Why do many of YOU like to dress in the garments of the opposite gender? Why do many of YOU feel sexually aroused, attracted and passionate about other Gods in disguise, who share the same gender with YOU?

Why do some of YOU actively desire to change your physical sexuality and characteristics?

It is because all of YOU are bisexual Gods already. So any AdamEve can be attracted to and 'be in love with' any other AdamEve or EveAdam.
And nothing about this is homosexual as archetyped in the scriptures.

But until the Last Judgment changes the physical templates of the DNA/RNA, the 'Chicken-Egg' paradox will remain unsolved relative to the many, albeit solved for the few.

All of YOU attending court, will know and understand the easy solutions in concept, even before the physical implementation of the 'New Laws in the Book of Life'.
{Mark.12.24:And Jesus answering said unto them, Do ye not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God? For when they shall rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels, which are in heaven.}

Some of YOU will now remember, what the angels are and what Heaven is.

The angels are in the NoTime and in the NoTime, YOU as God are bisexual - not sexless, but unable to express your sexuality for the domination of your unity and the lack of dis-unity or separatedness.
How can YOU love yourself in Heaven? There is only YOU!
The only way YOU can love yourself is in 'splitting up'.

And so YOU made Satan Your Dog as God and YOU made Satan a HIM.
As HIM, YOU could love him as your own Image in NoTime; but there was a problem.
HE was just like YOU and YOU wanted something different as NOT like YOU.
From this developed your masterplan of putting something between YOU and HIM and this became the archetyped MIRROR=SPACETIME=SPIRIT=91.

Then YOU put yourself as ADAM into this Mirror between YOU as GOD and HIM as DOG in the I AM THAT AM I or the vowel sequence a-e-i-o-u. Then YOU created EVE out of ADAM.
This YOU did in a rather ingenious manner.

Because YOU created ADAM in thinking about IT as YOU in reflection of your new name; HIM had to also create something as the 'copycat' of yourself. But because the archetypical mirror existed; HIM, namely SATAN as your DOG, 'was forced' to mirror ADAM as MADA, which is like a 'Crazy Beginning' or a 'Mad A' relative to HIM; but becomes a beautiful A DAM for YOU.

And so a Real Woman became the Goddess of all Creation and this Goddess is known today as the Universe of Quantum Physics and of Classical Relativity.

Many of the 'Aliens' know the Goddess as the 'Mother of the Supermembranes' and the 'Matrix of the Wormhole Vortices in the SourceSink Modular Duality between the White Hole Sources unified with the Black Hole Sinks in quantum relativity of entanglement of metric independence'.

Once a physical universe emerged from the archetypes and the required physicalisation of the archetypes as a form of 'Energy'; the 'Fake He' (of knowledge without wisdom) of Yaldabaoth and the 'Fake She' of Baphomet as the 'Fake' Sophia (or wisdom without a male counterpart as the gnosis or the knowledge or the insight) could be done away with; because YOU as GOD now had found something to love and honour and to play with and to have a multitude of sexual experiences with - 'Your Goddess Universe'.
And YOU looked forwards to that in the NoTime.
YOU would now descend into spacetime and begin a slow evolutionary journey from unconsciousness into consciousness.

This journey many of YOU understand and know of in various degrees. This journey is your self discovery under the auspices of the human science and as accelerated from the beforementioned 65th baktun of the Maya, introducing to yourselves the Individuated Gods of Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton on September 18th, 1618.

So just who is Satan and the Devil and Lucifer? We shall reinterpret the Lucifer Story later, as it is intrinsic to the Last Judgement and the murder charge raised against the Astralists (the Spiritualists and the New Agers).

Satan is YOU as the HIM of GOD, namely your image in the mirror in NoTime.
Because YOU loved HIM as yourself {Matthew.22.37-39}, but YOU also wanted HIM to become a HER and HE could not comply with your wish because HE was YOU as a HE and not a SHE; YOU were absolutely and totally forced to create a Physical Universe in SpaceTime AS a Physical Mirror between YOU and HIM as YOU as HIM and HIM as HER.
This is a very deep, yet profoundly simple cosmogony. YOU required a Double-Mirror; because only then could YOU become both genders.
In other words, YOU as a bisexual totality God suffered from sexual suppression.
YOU could not express one or the other, because YOU were as ONE.
Reflecting yourself, as all of YOU do, when looking into a mirror; did not change your sex.
The He is still a He and the She is still a She - where is the other?

Whenever YOU have asked yourself that; say as a teenager on hormones, or as a 'horny devil' of either sex or as an old bachelor, spinster or widow(er) or some lonely God having noone to love, touch or even talk to; then YOU know precisely what GOD as YOU has put up with for almost 20 billion years in Intime, mirrored into the NoTime.
So do YOU really think, that now, from this date onwards, and that the 'Real Story' of God is allowed to be told to everyone; that some minor and lesser mental god creations can prevent the 'True God' to finally experience HISHER wedding-night with the Goddess Universe of HERHIS.
Can YOU imagine, how 'horny' the One and Only 'Sexy Devil' as the God of YOU in NoTime is to get sexual self expression in the InTime?

As said before; some of YOU will remember - finally!
But this is why the Last Judgment must proceed. It will be the deliverance for the rememberers.

Here are the details for the archetypology for the God-Dog mirror function.
The True-False dichotomy in NoTime now allowed the 'in between' of your 'Holy Name' to become a MIRROR between this duality.

YOU imagined and developed a way to IMAGE this duality AS the physical creation in the logistical statement: |a=God=True|...|e=Adam=False|I=That||u=Dog=Goddess =True|...|o=Eve=False|

YOU then wrote: I AM THAT I AM I THAT AM I and finestructured this statement in a nesting with a double-mirror [I] as: {I AM (THAT)[I AM I](THAT) AM I}.

This then becomes:

YOU so extended your set of five vowels in {a,e,i,o,u} in a (nonabelian or noncommutative) symmetry about the (i) to a set of nine repeating vowels in a (abelian or commutative) supersymmetry about the ([o]) in {a=u,e=o,i,u,[o],u,i,o=e,u=a}.

Because YOU are AdamEve in both the NoTime and the InTime and YOU desired to experience your Godhood in the InTime, YOU applied your so defined self relativity to transform the Falseness within the InTime into the Truth within the InTime, rendering the experience of yourself as a God of the Totality in InTime possible.

Of course YOU continue to occupy the two locations simultaneously; but the Quantum Relativity of your own self definition in state of being now allows the choosing of what quantum reelativity YOU wish to experience and to explore - be it the Reality of the True (or positive) God in Intime with a required rendering of yourself as False (or negative) in NoTime or vice versa.

Should YOU choose to experience yourself as Real within the physicalised spacetimematter; then the 'recycling' of your personality-defining biochemical vessels of containments (defined scripturally as the Temple of God) become subject to a transformation of this archetyped temporal limitation.

The physical rebirth, death and rebirth cyclicity can then end, as is encoded in your scriptures and your physical immortality becomes a function of the metamorphosis of your physical support structures with their DNA-defined biochemical dependencies negated in the hybridisation between your subatomic particulated (string- or supermembrane) structures and the waveforms which describe this particulation in a unified quantum summation. This many of YOU already understand in parts as the stochastically unitised quanta count of statistical distributions of those quanta.

The manifestation of such a hybrid 'matter-wave' body has already become archetyped and is well documented in your scriptures; though not many of YOU allow yourself to remember and to accept the physical reality of the manifesto of this archetype.

All of YOU are destined to claim your inheritances to partake of this 'lightbody' transformation.
In the scriptures it is encoded in terms of 'transfiguration' and as 'resurrection' and as a 'changing of the mortal into the immortal' and as a 'fleshly corruptibility becoming a spiritual incorruptibility'.
Those labels are not archetypical symbols, but represent a real physics, of which I shall inform YOU in due course at a later stage.

The logistical statement:

then transforms in semantic archetypes into:
and God||HE=True|He=False[MirrorOfTruth]She=False|SHE=True||Dog.

The above nomenclature is shortened to God|HEHe|SheSHE|Dog and becomes God|HEShe|HeSHE|Dog upon the application of the Mirror-Function within InTime (and leaving the NoTime configuration as it is).

This creates the 'Lake of Fire and Brimstone' scripturally encoded and where the Brimstone is the ManWoman as a HEShe and a TRUE MAN and the Fire is the SHEHe as a TRUE WOMAN, surrounded and within the Mirror of Truth; which defines the archetyped 'Only Begotten', who is part of all of YOU, but requires to become acknowledged individually by YOU for your enablement to partake in the before mentioned transformation of your biochemical support structures YOU call your biochemical reactors and your biophysical bodyforms by and through a Process termed SourceSink Frequency Resonance.

This then allows the Program for universal reproduction of the Individuated Godhood to proceed.
God|SheHE|SHEHe|Dog results from the application of the mirror function at the God-Dog mirror boundaries and this archetypical syntax is simplified to: God|Doggod|Doggod|Dog and which can then become a logistical statement without the separation by mirrors and encompassing the 'Falseness' of YOU existing in the NoTime.
(GoDDoG)(GoDDoG)(GoDDoG) so becomes the desired reproduction of the Unity in NoTime within the InTime.

For the manifestation of the 'computer program' resulting in the iterative reproduction of yourselves from your individuated Godhood in cosmophysical terms (meaning YOU multiply your individual families not only in the physical particulated sense that is personalities in genealogical lineages, but also in the physical waveated sense that is entire universes based on yourselves as protoverses), the initialising of n=0 for GodDog=1 and the syntax:

For n=0 to Infinity

n:=n+1 or GodDog:= GodDog+n

then defines the Protoverse of YOU as Individuated God-singular in InTime as the base template for YOURS as Individuated God-plural in the form of Multiverses in InTime and all encompassed by YOU as Non-Individuated God-All in the form of the Omniverse.
But more of this in the science agenda.
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