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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

Originally Posted by Stardustaquarion View Post
I think you may have miss heard her. As far as I know, and I have listen to most of her videos including sliders, the only remark that has been made about montauk and philadelphia experiments is that people who went through the wormholes that those experiments created can not ascend because they have become fully metratonic and their matrix can not be re-generated.

Here is the quote from their website

This short-term December 21, 2012 to January 31, 2013 “window of opportunity” for accelerated DNA Template Bio-regenesis reverse-mutation through the Stardust Silver Seed Alignment is available to ALL contemporary Earth humans, with the exception of those who have already engaged the “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio” permanent DNA mutation. Currently, very few members of the contemporary Illuminati-Human race, and no members of the Angelic Human race, have engaged the “Metatronic 55-Blending Ratio” DNA and Encryption Lattice mutation. Only individuals who have experienced full biological-atomic “Death Star Merkaba Vehicle” transit through Metatronic Wormholes, via conscious intentional use of the “Death Star Merkaba Vehicle,” or individuals who have directly, personally participated in Death Science Time Rip experiments such as the “Montauk Project,” will have already engaged the associated “Metatronic-55” permanent DNA mutation. So, like contemporary Earth Angelic Human collectives, most Earth Illuminati-Human collectives are still able to achieve the potential physical-biological “Slide-Orb Ascension” freedoms offered in the Guardians’ Stardust Silver Seed Alignment; engagement with the Stardust Silver Seed Ascension Alignment can be accessed by Illuminati-Humans through Amnesty Host Contracts with the trans-dimensional MCEO–Krystal River Councils, and through practice of the Silver Seed Healing technologies that will be progressively introduced in the MCEO Freedom Teachings®.

A'sha videos are so intense that I normally listen to them several times, the first to get the activation, and after I start taking notes because this matterial is not in writing yet and things can get confussing


Honestly, doesn't resonate with me at all......those who were part of those experiments are doomed then....... prediction......someone new is going to come out with a more complicated set of *spiritual criteria* and this next person's teachings will be even more confusing with a whole new set of terms no one before has ever heard of.......and that too will be hailed as some savior if one *follows* the teachings.....

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