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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

and, a few questions about dragons...

you say, you are/or you work with the 'blue' dragon...
is it pure blue, and, only blue ???

and, what do you think about dragons
& dragon riders ???

particularly the work of
the young genius Christopher Paolini,
who was about 17, when he wrote
Eragon / and, Eldest, etc

(it is a good movie for others to watch,
we are sure, you likely are familiar with it)

we work with the ancient lightworker dragons
from sirius, and, always make sure,
that when we work with them,
we only call them in, provided, they are
in 100% alignment with us, and, what we are doing

we work with a dragon, named seraf'ina (37) 22/15 or 10/1 - kind of fits with the 91-91, 19,
and, viviane-37 (lady of the lake)

(it has angelic energies, is this, common in dragons~the seraf of dragons ???)

also, we know others, who also have dragons
(and, we know, sometimes, some of these people
get tricked, by things, that appear to them, to be dragons,
that are Ups, and, NOT real dragons)
are there ways for people to discern, those two things?

was it, the churches in the 3rd/4th century
that put, 'ill' light, upon dragons ???

ohh-and, the last question
in the grand cycles of the arthurian legend,
there was a 'good' dragon, that was slayed,
we have a tooth, from it,
what colour was that dragon ?

where the ancient lightworker dragons from sirius there, at that time ?

or, are they a blending of thuban/and, sirius hybrids ?
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