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Default Re: How does one deal with the 'boredom' of existence?

Originally Posted by kriya View Post
Just to clarify what I mean by suffering. Although God doesn't create suffering, He, himself doesn't suffer, He isn't affected by karma or suffering, like we are. We should view life like God does, as a huge cosmic drama.

However,IMO, I think a better way to view it is to say, that God does suffer through each of us as we suffer because He is part of us. I know anyone reading this will think its a complete contradiction, but the mysreries of life cannot be fathomed by rational thought, it goes beyond thought.

But for me, I take issue with the whole set up. If God doesn't have karma or suffering then nor should we.


This will twist your mind.

What if GOD does have to deal with karma, but we don't? Maybe that's why He doesn't get involved in our affairs and lets us suffer the consequences of our free will.
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