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Default Re: How does one deal with the 'boredom' of existence?

Originally Posted by Leunamros View Post
No, "the inside" is not the answer. To learn more you have to look at everything. And i mean everything, not just your inside, thatīs not good.

Even from boredom there are many things to be learnt. But to do so, you have to be bored, indeed. I talk from experience.

People decide themselves what is a surface and what is not. Many of you maybe donīt get that. Fractally speaking, you are ALWAYS scratching surfaces, no matter how far you think you have gone.
Well, in my experience, I have found that things will look much different after you've discovered the truth that you carry inside.

And it is far from boring. And also a neverending amount of information can be attained. The truth they did not want you to see.
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