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Default Re: Canada's Inuit notice the Sun is not where it should be.

Originally Posted by droid56 View Post
I guess it is likely they are wrong in their observations, as the science dudes with science machines have pointed out.

But I'm still listening to the people who say they see unexpected things.
droid56 - Me too. I don't trust science guys and gals There's also perception, AND the earth's crust floats around too. I knew of a seismologist whose job it was to measure the mountains moving.

Originally Posted by Jonah View Post
Don't blame me for going to la-la land...
but since you brought it up....
multi-verse theory might explain such a switch....
Jonah - Thanks for that link, really one of my favorite topics, right from when I was a physics student. I'm actually pretty happy for chances to go to lala land anyway

Originally Posted by Operator View Post
I started a thread Wubbo Ockels explains how ‘time’ is created by human beings ... In this presentation Wubbo mentions that, in relation to the topic of the presentation, we have a 'program' running in our brain that makes us perceive reality different.
Thanks, Operator for mentioning that video. I added this link about a similar program I heard on that thread too.

Julian Barbour, The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics
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