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Default Re: Quebec Law against forced vaccin

The right to freedom on immunization

Author: Spyrale, Lachenaie, Kebek, 27.06.2009, 13:21

People who worry that vaccination
been announced for the fall and this, in several countries. First, we
must above all not to panic Because it prevents us from thinking and
to act with discernment. I do not believe that vaccination of autumn
Announced by the states, will affect all citizens, since the doses
are not sufficient. We will target Those most vulnerable such as
children, elderly and sick people.

Here's how not to be intimidated by the medical profession.

Currently, you can invoke Article 11 of the Civil Code of Quebec
refuses immunization. If you receive threats or intimidation
because you do not vaccinate your child, write a contract where he
Stipulated that the vaccine is safe and without side effects and
if an incident of any kind is found on the health of your
child, who was vaccinated and the medical profession To which she belongs
Intimately are prosecuted. Ask the person who
attempts to tease you to sign this contract ... Never agree to take
such liability.

In Quebec, a league of free vaccinations is being put in
place. Its legal structure is currently underway. This league, inspired
European leagues, Will Provide information on the harm of vaccines
and inform people about their rights. Lawyers and Jurists
will join the league to defend the interests of Those
who refused vaccination. Notice to interested! Besides, I
solicit donations for the establishment of "NETWORK VIGILANCE VACCINATIONS
(RVV). Before the money is worthless, invest in
Investments in high yield of freedom! If you are willing to donate,
email me privately.

Here is the site of RVV:

Here are the leagues of free vaccinations in Europe and elsewhere. Please
not to use these services:

Civil Code of Quebec

11. No One Shall Be Subjected without his consent to care, whatever
the nature, Whether for examination, removal, treatment or
any other intervention.

If the person is unable to give or refuse consent to care,
a person authorized by law or by mandate given in anticipation of its
incapacity may be replaced.

Translated ....
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