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Default Re: Is 2012 Doom and Gloom Fiction?

Originally Posted by seashore View Post
I just finished watching part 2 of the above linked video:

I think this video must have been recorded in 2003. He talks about Bush being president. He said that November 28, 2005 thru 2006 there would be an exposure of free energy for everyone and that this would be applied world wide. He said in 2007 we would know we are divine and that everything is possible. We would also have teleportation at least for objects. In 2008, we would have the end of manufactured lack. In 2009, we would be getting used to bliss. By October 28, 2011, the whole idea of time and space goes extinct.

Comments anybody?
He also said 1/3 or 2/3 of the earth's population will survive the reversal of the rotation of the earth that Gregg Braden has predicted.
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