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I for one get alot out of the debating and I rather enjoy reading what others think. In fact I have done that in this room for a very long time now.

I feel that my knowledge needs so much expanding that it is worthwhile.

I dont agree with everyone but one thing I do is check out the information and that helps me out

I know that we all have our own idea's and plans and for that matter path to walk, including the so called "evil ones" of this world. They said they could do it and they are, we just need the right tools to ward them off.

What a shame to lock out that information and if it is hurtfull, then I know there is a lesson in it that I need to learn. So its all good !

I value others opinions and care to read them without passing judgement on that person. In the same token, I will speak my mind and hope my thoughts are valued also.
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