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Default Re: Days before TEOTWAWKI-Are you Ready?

Just found some more things to add.
TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It)

The following graph shows our current opinion as to the possible causes and likelihood of a major catastrophe in the next ten (10) years. However, if there is one thing we do know it is that when something does happen it will probably be something completely unexpected and totally out of left field. The graph is just a guide to what sort of things are on our own personal radar.
Climate Change 85%
Natural Disasters 50%
Economic Collapse 87%
Natural Pandemic 59%
WMD Event 5%
World War III 55%
Asteroid Impact 0.5%

Interesting facts.

Another interestin fact
Fuel Storage

One of the most asked questions is 'how do I store fuel for long periods' that is if people know that fuel deteriorates over time at all. Fuelkleenik below is an Australian innovation worth of considering. The following link is also a must visit Long-Term Fuel Storage.

"Prolonging the life of stored diesel fuel and reversing the effects of its ageing is now a reality, thanks to an Australian discovery which is attracting world wide interest. The Fuel Stability Foam, known as FUELKLEENIK, has been found capable of maintaining high purity of distillate fuels during long term storage. The properties of the foam were discovered in 1986 by research scientists at Australia's Defence Department's Aeronautical & Maritime Research Laboratories. The technology was licensed in 1989 to Joyce Australia, this country's largest speciality foam manufacturer."

Now available from:

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