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Default Re: Survey: Who has experienced the “tremor” mentioned by Blossom Goodchild?

Regretfully, NO, I can not. I am not Blossom Goodchild.
If you are not familiar with the messages she's channeled for the Federation of Light, please go to her website and read everything under 'Federation of Light', 'Channellings'.

The whole paragraph pertaining to the first reference of 'tremor', is:

(page 3 on BG site) "Indeed there is excitement commencing in your world and MANY others. Blossom, we commend you for your bravery. Look how by being of this, we have been able to do our side in making sure that we are heard. And as you say … this is just the beginning. As days draw closer to our arrival, let it be known that there will be a tremor … a rumbling would be more apt. This is to be of no fear, but it is unavoidable."

The whole paragraph of the second reference to ‘tremor’ is:

Allow us in, for there shall be not one moment of regret should you choose to do so.
Very soon now, people of earth, shall our presence be known to you. This great occasion is to be celebrated by ONE. ALL OF US.
Accept us in your TRUTH as we draw closer to your earthly vibration, and remember of the (small) tremor that we spoke of. We speak of this so that there shall be no cause for alarm.

I hope this helps. I can only suggest that you look to within their messages. There are five days until we reach the 14th, most would have to agree that “days have drawn closer to their arrival”.

I will be patient to see if anyone comes forth to say Yes over the next few days.
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