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Originally Posted by golfsierra View Post
So some of you (all of you ?!) think that what this 'James' tells you is the truth and real fact ?
the Wingmakers stuff was a creation of one Mark Hempel, who put this stuff online for the first time in 1998. On the CAUS pages of 1998/1999, you still can find some people's messages, expressing their doubts that the stuff was real. They were proven right by Mark Hempel himself:

He clearly stated here:
"I have all the content. I
created the site to be the blueprint for a film or TV series. It's taken 3
years to produce all of the content. I created everything you'll see on the
site. It's completed integrated."

Below the text, Mark posted the link to his web site
That was on Nov, 25, 1998.

So, Hempel is James !

The domain was registered to Hempel on June 20, 1998. followed on November 4, 2003.

Debunking Hempels creation "The Wingmakers" was a by-product of the 5-year investigation into Bielek's claims.

You can find all the truth about Mark Hemple here -- if you really want to find out what is true and what is not:

But I don't expect somebody of you folks to change your mind - through the years I realized that people claim to look for the truth, but once they are shown / given it, they refuse to accept. Not my problem, only yours...
I'm glad you brought this up- Peter Moon says Wingmakers is a hoax- they even used Dr. Anderson's name and then removed it and he himself is not being clear on it- Peter thinks maybe he was used for mind control.

As a Truthseeker, I am not falling for many of these tall tales anymore these days..... am fed up with the hoaxing
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