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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

So you feel my origins are from Thuban or just my hearts intent? What species populates the Draco star system? Also Ive witnessed many luminous orbs floating in the sky in the past couple years sometimes groups of them in daylight. Sometimes appearing minutes after looking into the sky above my head. Can you give an opinion on these?
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Hi helebox!

No information is over anyone's head. If a chinese native speaker Hu Long finds himherself at Trafalgar Square in London and begins to ask questions to the Londoners; then he will not be understood by anyone not familiar with the form of Chinese spoken by Hu Long.

Then Hu Long can try sign language or body talk to convey his askings.
Eventually, some form of communication will eventuate upon patience and persistence of the parties concerned.

Communication with semantics is just one form of language.
Being English familiar; your subconscious will decipher bits of data and forward it to your superconscious which speaks ALL languages, including advanced mathematics, Egyptian hieroglyphics and Druidic Runic.

What you are doing is sharing your compassion. As the Buddha says; the key to ascension is to Show Compassion from the Heart.

Your Heart is a LoveHeart from the Dragon of Thuban and the work you do is of the highest vibration possible and just as important as the work done by data sharers such as many here, including myself.

Knowing what your job is here on earth and doing your job in integrity and love has qualified you to enter the echelons of the highest frequencies attainable in the universe.

There is nothing more powerful than the Wisdom of Love, which you obviously have made your own; blended with the Understanding of Love.
It is the second part you can learn and gain in; the former part you have mastered.

Love and gratitude in Dragonhood to you
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