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Default Re: Thuban Q&A: (warning longer than normal posts here)

About the story...

I am currently doing my slave duty (work) so I was not able to read in it peace...but than again..I also can not do that at what I call home...I also did not have time to "think about it" but am also not sure how to think about it

Are you suggesting me to procreate...or to be less "politically correct" have sex?

Am I missing the whole point here?

Am I to go and "imagine" it (I am not aware that I can (or how to) actually enter a "state" via my higher self and create the experience) or to actually do it? Give some love? Gimme some lovin?

In your mention (or so I understand) we are all bisexual?

To get a "liiittle" more personal: I like to think, all women, by they nature, are bisexual. If nothing else it is a "fun thing" to think about...

Not sure what to think about men or men that only like men or if someone likes children or people that engage in paraphilias?

Is there any way of sexuality considered to be unnatural or wrong by the Thuban?

At the end you mention 3 names...remind me on the so called angles...I do not know much about religion...I prefer not to (half truths). Yet you have given them female we can be both?

While in "hell" why did you decide to play it more exciting...not knowing what will happen next? I do not wish to be rude (i mean this as a humor)...but if that is the remind on spoiled babry girls.

If need be I can further "elaborate" on the babry girl phenomena

Instead of playing could simply...make a choice..for example: this is what I, then is when i want it and that is how i GO! for example...

I am unable to connect all of this (your story as a part of the answer) to my questions answered so far....I can not make "unity" with not knowhow to "incorporate" it into everything.