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Default Experience with light entities

Has anyone had an experience with a light entity? Would love to hear about it.
When i was 21 years old, i had one of the most vivid, intense and beautiful experiences. It occured within the context of an ordinary dream that became hyper-real. While still dreaming , there appeared my field of view this eliptical, intensely glowing blue light. I felt an incredible sense of reunion and love/acceptance from this light being. It was as if I had known it beyond time. It was ancient. I was crying from happiness and from the sense of proufound reunion. The dream had become hyper-real upon the arrival of the light. Suddenly the lights eliptical shape (approx 4-6 ft ?), condensed with a high pitched zeeeng type sound to the size of a softball (approx) and radiated 4 "arms" of light (north south east west) No words emanated from the light, rather, just an indescribably sublime love/acceptance/ancientness. This experience happened approx 25 years ago. I have not had any experiences with the blue light being since then. I feel blessed to have had the experience. Somehow i feel that we will meet up again. Sometimes i ponder that perhaps the blue light is always with/whithin me but due to my limited 5 sense reference, im just to dense most of the time to be aware of it. thank you for listening, namaste
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