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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by swordsmith View Post
ya see , here's the real irony on this , whoda thunk boober would be my new Avaloony hero?
since you have warned us boob that you wont be opening any private messages I'm going to have to out my intended one right here () ( is this a pre crime in the making, should I GOVERN myself?) nawwww...
Ok boober, my private message to you is :
I admit to being a teeny bit hurt when you did not comment on my response when I said you could join my cult. And heres where the irony is, Boober I could well imagine joining any cult of the lone canoeist. and WHY?
( ok this bit is not private )
because for me, Boober cristalized exactly what is wrong about whats been going down on here, lack of heart for the honestly hurting because they truly feel they may be left behind. Boober I wondered if you were toying with our feelings and lacked complete sincerity, but the beauty of it is, it matters not, this is what you brought to the table and I am happy to digest the offering. Mainly because it was sweet to me.
The other issues I'm going to talk about somewhere else.
And JT I will admit to a slight confusion regarding your posts, but hey I like it ... I think.

You my friend, are a walking contradiction.
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