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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

I honestly think JT is being ironic Boober.

My kind of humour !

The caps lock is working for me... keep it going JT

Who's 'the dude below me' ? Me Boober ?

I don't think you're rambling. You're being honest, with yourself, and with everyone. So is JT. Integrity indeed.

All I can say is, that if we are feeling confused, that's good.

If someone thinks they know where everything is... that's scary.

No one gives us, or allows us anything really, we're sovereign beings.

So I agree, no need to ask for an invite, wait for one. Who knows what's going on, really ?

It makes me laugh, that after 18 months of internet viewing, I'm no more clued up about what reality is than I was then. No surprises that we should have the same impossibility of knowing what's really going on at Avalon either.

The choice is the same. You can choose to believe the best or the worst. Course, news is what HApPENS to you...(my saying) not what happens to someone else. So if something has happened to you, then fine, you need to act on it. But as for speculation about what is happening to other people...and why people do or did what they do did done...

You might just as well believe in fairies if you like. Or Aliens. Or david Icke..

I reckon we have just as much proof.

So that ain't a war that can be won in my opinion, and it ain't worth being uncomfortable with it.

All we can be sure of is NoW...This is it. This is Now...

What are we going to do with this here second ?

That's the challenge.

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