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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

lol, no , anyone in AV2 is excluded buddy. But I think if they are wanting to how do the kids say it , "keep it real", then they should do that "keep it real", cause go for it. I dont want any part in it. Cause the way it was created was a joke, but thats just me. The process is a s s backwards I know people who have been here forever, and they didnt get an invite (yet) but anyway, then I meet these kids who are here for two seconds and they already got asked. Then these people have the nerve to say send an email and ask. What, for real? oh wait you mean everyone should go to AV2, my fault, but there are some creepers who are just here to take this place down. But I have a feeling they will make it into AV2, and then AV3 will come around , sadly, for me, that would be awesome on so many levels. See this whole thing wasnt really about this drama thread. which is cool, i just hope everyone who deserves an invite gets one. And if they dont. Again member you didnt get the invite! thus your good peoples! sorry i keep going off on a tangent. my bad
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