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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Just one more thing to add, if your serious , like really serious about making an AV2 that really contributes, you prob. shouldnt invite people who just are happy to be here. Cause honestly they dont contribute research. If you want people only with substance make that clear. Because people need to know who gets to go to AV2 and why, all I have heard is, "were not playing favorites" "its only for people who contribute", yall need to define contribute. Seriously. You need to define what AV2 is really about, not just some vague statment or use of terms. Cause maybe some people shouldnt get invited and it will make them sad, but they prob. shouldnt get an invite. Make that tough decision and dont invite them. But know I will be here with my AV1ers good or bad. I aint running from the negative threads either, I just do what I always do. Ignore them! lol , But i have a feeling there is definitely more to this whole thing than meets the eye. Peace Out and lets be real, a big part of this is favorites thats the reality of the invite, your favorite contributer, duh. lol im over it guys my bad, for now, lol
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