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Default Re: Project avalon 2.. Are you havin a laugh?

Originally Posted by Kulapops View Post
I get what you are saying too, Boober.

But if someone has something and I don't, is the world wrong?

From the millions of actions and influences that act upon us every second of our lives, how is it possible to know what is right for us and what is not?

Potentially, being banned from a site could be the best thing that ever happened to someone, from an objective external perspective further down the line. They might go out to the park instead of sitting at a computer and meet the person of their dreams

I'm sure there are a few of us here who weren't the first to be picked at sides for football.

We all know how that feels. But feelings can be fuelled by the ego, that thinks it understands our world perfectly. And it does to an extent, and it also doesn't.

There are going to be more causes to fight for than just Wonka tickets at Avalon soon... this is going to spread like wildfire.

So hang on to your hats. Know who you are, and know why you are aligning yourself with something.
Ok man , I think I am a little off center, cause I am not feeling your post at all, but anyway. I think it will be all good after everyone who is waiting for there invite gets it. lol I am getting pms, which I wont read btw, if i dont know you, talk to me out in the open, unless you really cant, in that case i wont respond for a while lol. I know this happened cause of all the drama, but I see some people taking advantage of this little bit of power they got, even if they are sincere they are still using language that is forcing people to wonder why they didnt get invited. Hopefully after the dust settles it will be all good. But if I see people ,even if they are going to get an invite, question themselves and why they didnt get in, more posts like this will pop up, sorry cant help it.
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