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Default Re: Not my concern, I am staying

Originally Posted by TempestGarden View Post
Good luck with that one.

There are too many people in this community that have to be right and when you get in an online setting all people ever do is fight and argue with each other.

Since I started posting here, you have been one of my more favorite people here. Based on your thoughts and things that you have shared over the last several months, in my opinion, I don't understand why you don't just let it go. It's your choice of course, I'm just sayin'...

I will most likely just let it go and not be a part of Avalon 2.0. Why? Because I don't really think things are going to change that much. It will still most likely be a very negative place where all people do is argue and fight over whose belief systems are more "correct" than others. The only thing that appears will be different is the amount of control exerted over the forum. Oh well. Not my forum. So, if that's the way Bill wants to run it, then party up!

And, if I decide to leave this place behind... the sun will still come up tomorrow, I will still have a life with it's peaks and valleys and just about everything else will stay the same as it has been, with or without the forum.
Thanks. For my own personal purpose I attempt to keep as many irons in the fires as I can manage, but I do see what you are saying.

This old group here has been shot in the head and is slowly bleeding out.

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