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Default Re: what I found in my inbox too

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar View Post
No, thank you Tommy for throwing me some meat to knock out of the park.

You see everybody? The bold / underlined statements where designed to get a charged emotional response out of me. I must emphasize the word DESIGNED.
Yes, I do that from time to time when someone affects me with negative emotions. Sorry about that, my reply was written at the same time I was handling other stressful issues, then I might get a bit 'sharp', but it seems you handle it pretty well, which was a positive surprise btw

Ok, let's just leave it here, I don't think we will get anywhere in this kind of discussion anyways.

Jester: Who do I work for? That one is easy, just check

EDIT: I "slipped" a couple of notes about banned and leaving members could have a fresh start yes.
Is that anymore dangerous than actually promoting the entire site here as we did some months ago?
I don't think so, neither does the mod's (except perhaps Richard)
If this issue worries you, you should think more about why people leave in the first place.. Just saying.. It could be; PLW, ATS, GLP, no difference.

hope you got the edit.

Best regards,


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