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Default Re: what I found in my inbox too

Originally Posted by seeingterra View Post
Again, fail.. Now I just told Karen in a unrelated PM that I did not wish to participate in any more of these threads.
I thought you where done after the last post before this one.

Ever heard of different time-zones?
Oh so in Europe when you post 12 hours or so hours before that you are done fueling the fire, the come back in 12 hours later and throw some more on, the time zones cause a time warp where the 12 hours is erased. What causes that phenomena? Is it the information traveling at close to the speed of light from Europe? That is awesome. You should get Kerry to interview you about that.

Yeah, that's right..
Yeah, you showed me good.

Now calm down and focus on something else, or you would be no better than the other nay-sayers around here would you?
I don't think you realize what exactly it is that is making you look so transparent. You have your own Forum now. You have zero vested interest in this place. Yet, you have posted many times throwing the admin from the forum that is competing with yours under the bus. You should stick to web development. You are not very good at being deceptive.
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