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Default Re: what I found in my inbox too

What is the point of it all the forum has decide it will split into 2 groups those that wish to spout the need to have free speech and those that like a forum with a set of guidelines nothing wrong with either . A separate forum was set up the mists we shall call it have been there and read some no plans on joining .

Seen a few blue skinned groupies hanging out there not my cup a tea. Enjoy their company should they wish to hang around . Then there are the ones who joined "the Mists"and feel the compelling need to venture back here to sling more mud and perpetuate more return fire . Please explain to me what it is you feel you are gaining by doing this other then the obvious disruption ? You are not showing the so called enlightenment you say you POSSESS. You are showing that you have none

If you are happy with the Mists why not show it by working on bettering it instead coming over here to cause trouble and show that it too may not be worthy of new member participation based on the child like antics of a few of its current members . Those members here I encourage you to stop throwing the intellectual hand grenades at the members who left to form a new forum. Ignore the verbal sparing just let it pass into the air with out a response to it. Why waste the energy
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