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Default Re: what I found in my inbox too

Originally Posted by Stargazer1965 View Post
From SwordSmith in open forum:

Re: Questions? lionhawk, where do you get off posting private concerns about Susan in BOLD on this open forum? WTF don't you use a private message? I can be as salacious as the next person but really wish I had averted my eyes. I'm frankly rather shocked you would feel the need , ego much? I sure wouldn't take any spiritual advice from someone with zero discretion. Whatever the message.
A " true healer" (?!) knows how and when to STFU


I hope you did not have to look too hard for that, I was thinking of posting it myself, IN CONTEXT, to highlight the differences of why I felt that was inappropriate use of private info, and you should know the difference. I never had ANY communication from you before this publically or privately and did not appreciate your surprise turdbomb attack. I saw no mod felt the necessity to chime in on that little previous drama or did I miss something?

I do believe it IS time to leave these halls of learning and I don't even have to wish anybody anything, it is already yours to come as you manifest it.

I'm sorry if my need to expose corruption offends, I don't like the way the world IS atm in terms of fascist political structures. But really I don't think anyone is a threat to that power structure on here, so yes, just enjoy, to each their own.
Wise words, unless it stops me , and that , unfortunately is what exposing corruption is all about. People infringing on my liberties to the very point of the air I breathe. I think these darn whhistle blowers should just shut up and let people wallow in their fools paradise, except it ain't paradise, well maybe for the fool it IS. God bless the fool, he needs it.

As above, so below.
He who smelt it, dealt it.

also to those who comment on these threads being not useful, why do you click on them? Surely if WE enjoy that sort of thing, you should let us, wasn't that what you said ?
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