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Default Re: what I found in my inbox too

Ty Peace;

If only yours was the last post on the matter...


wait. let me fix that...

Is it really worth it guys? I mean, whatís with all the button pushing. If you donít like something/one, the wise thing to do is move along. Absorbing bad energy will only keep your frequency low and place you in the company of misery. Be happy for others living the way they want to, donít waste your time in a place you do not like, you should find your own piece of paradiseÖwhere ever that may be. Why would you want to ruin what others feel is right for them? The name calling is unnecessary; itís clearly a sign of immaturity, lack of composure, weakens your argument and does nothing but create negativity. I know every last one of us here can do way better than this. stop this waste of precious energy, we will need it in the days ahead...
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