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Default Re: Use Reverse Speech on PC founders?? Uh, well...

Kamikaze, excellent idea & thanks for helping me think of it.

I will change the way that people look at my reversals I do here. So the disclaimer for such video's could say...

It's extremely important that you turn off the video while listening to this reverse speech session. Do this by covering your screen monitor with something or reduce that window to an icon only while listening to the whole video. Listen to the video carefully. You will know who is about to have a reversal done on them because you will hear them repeat it in forward. Then you will hear the reversal of that same forward at least 3 times or more. Listen to the whole video several times before watching it in order to conclude your own thoughts about it all. After that and if you like, watch the video to see what I believe each reversal was saying.

Actually Kamikaze!! You've given me yet another maybe better idea concerning this challenge. What if I were to just do reversals throughout most of the video and without revealing any of my own thoughts concerning each reversal? Towards the end of the video I will offer what I believe "could" be what the reversals are saying.

What if I did not offer from such videos any of my own thoughts concerning what I think the reversals are say. I mean, what if I did not show in the videos what my own thoughts are concerning the reversals from those videos? What if I instead invited people to come to this forum to talk about it. Especially before I present any of my own thoughts concerning the reversals? What if I waited a few days or so before I post what I believe that the reversals had said in such past videos (the RS videos I had already placed on the internet but I had not stated any of my own thoughts in those videos concerning my own conclusions of what the reversals possibly meant).

The recording of Bill & Kerry... which seems I may have apparently stole in order to conduct this reverse speech research, was not a good copy for doing RS on. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very big fan of PC and I highly respect their work. It's just that in order to conduct good quality RS one must have either the original recording or make the recording live and go from there. If they allow my RS work of PC to stay maybe they can also give me better quality recordings of their past interviews?

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