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Default Re: We Finally Made it to Ecuador

$215,000 for home and land... 217sqm house and a lot of land too prices here that would be much higher... let see if the price for 1sqm of land you can build on is 250eur and you manage to get it for less let say 200eur....and 1sqm of house is cca 1000eur the final price here would be 403000EUR which by current exchange is 544815$ But the price for 1sqm of house can quickly change up and so does the final number...

but...i dont even have the money to buy "cheap" ones...

i wonder if you know...what would it cost to buy a land and build the house...i know that here (Europe) it can be much cheaper (if you first buy a land and hire people to built a house) than if you already buy a built house...yes there is more paper work for you and it takes more of your time....but the end result can be thousands of eur less to pay....

How do you plan to support yourself?
Will you have a job?
Will you start a private business?
Do you have savings?
What are the living expenses for one year (food, electricity, water...etc)?
Will you be like and old days farmer - growing your own food?
How are the medical facilities?
What are the medical costs (including dentists)?
Is there any crime there?
Do local people speak English?
Is it a necessity to have a car (distances)?
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