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Default Re: I Need a Place To Go

Tramik .

There are a few points that deserve to be discussed a bit more .
1) The vaccine is in short supply and it is unlikely that the governments will get all their orders fulfilled .
2) Because there is a shortage of vaccine , a list of workers that must be vaccinated is going to be prepared . In the list of essential services there will be : the police force ,the military ,medical and nursing personnel , ambulances , fire brigades ,schoolteachers, schoolkids , other public servant in contact with the public , public transport people and others .
3 ) the last people in the list will be the over 65 years of age .

The trick is not to be in a category of essential services , those people will be the first to die off if the vaccination is a device to reduce the population .
In that case the mass vaccination is an unguided missile because it will kill the ones the Powers That Be need to enforce the mass killing policy . Chance are that when the police force discovers that their own relatives are dropping off like flies , they will not be doing the job anymore .

The chances are good that nobody will bother you if your papers are in order .
But you should get supplies of : Colloidal silver and MMS and take them when the SHTF .

If you really must leave , consider the following :
If you are of European ancestry , even one parent or grandparent , some country might give you a passport . It pays to make an enquiry .
Have you got relatives in Europe ?
If You have no chance of getting a foreign passport , consider escaping to Ecuador and any other country not particularly friendly with the US . If you have some money you should definitely consider talking to the Ecuadorian
consulate or embassy .
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