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Default Re: How can we trust scientists any more?

I'm trying to be orthodox and unorthodox...simultaneously...hence orthodoxymoron. There has to be a sweet-spot where questioning is done in a non-offensive, non-abrasive, non-disruptive manner. Believing everything and just following orders is a recipe for disaster. On the other hand...being a rebel without a clue...causes even more problems.

When I was a child...I was once in the basement of a church...and an Illuminati sort of man (whatever that means)...whom I had never seen before...starting talking to me...and told me I was a mother's-son and very gullible. I never saw him again. He was sort of like the 'Satan' who tempted Jesus in 'The Last Temptation of Christ'. The sad part was that he was absolutely correct. I'm still that way!

Scientists need to listen to classical music...while they look at the stars with their 14 inch Celestron telescopes. Scientists need to focus on nature as a whole...rather than on compartmentalized facts and figures. They need to make science a spiritual discipline. Many probably do...but a lot more should. I recall speaking with the director of a planetarium regarding the enjoyment of science...and he stated that a non-scientist may be in a better position to enjoy science...because of the fact that it's not a job. I'm getting ready to order a 12 inch Dobsonian reflector telescope.

I look forward to a time when the Deep Underground Military Bases and Secret Laboratories are opened periodically to the general public...and where nothing horrific is being done...ever. Why does this world have to be such a stupid and dangerous so many sophisticated ways? This really does seem to be an insane-asylum.

I often wonder if Nicola Tesla was unwittingly exposed to forbidden technology in the Vatican Library...which opened a Pandora's Box...which included the World Wars, Nuclear Weapons, Deep Underground Military Bases, and the Secret Space Program. I tend to think that there is a lot of technology which we are not morally competent to handle.

BTW...Steve A...have you seen the current issue of 'The Economist'? It features Brazil...and the cover shows the big Jesus taking off like a rocket! This gives the term 'Flaming Jesus' (a type of drink) a whole new meaning!

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