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Default Re: How can we trust scientists any more?

I have very little trust of anyone or anything. This is not a psychologically well-balanced way to live...but it seems that to really get at the truth about have to listen to a bunch of diverse sources...and then read between the lines. Everything seems to be up for grabs.

I really like the Avalon approach...where people from around the world view articles, videos, and opinions...and then proceed to evaluate and comment. This teaches us Thought Triage.

I don't even trust myself. That's why I mostly ask questions...even when I think I know the answers.

Check out this thread regarding unconventional science and even unconventional biblical studies...with numerous examples of conventional views being supported by dishonest scholarship and research. What trouble that once individuals and organizations go public with a view...they then proceed to defend this view with all manner of legitimate and illegitimate material...rather than honestly searching for truth. Lying seems to be the norm.

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