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Default Re: How can we trust scientists any more?

Some things are constant and there is no question about them, most of them are not tactical in economic/control sense.
However if a scientist tells me i.e. that sun exposure is bad for your plants and I somehow see that they grow better then in a shade, would I listen or which is more controversial that fish are good for you "recent experiment shows". Question has the be asked what fish, where from, how much mercury does it hold, is the color real and is it good for ones health. The fact they are good for Smith it does not mean that Brown wouldn't die from very same batch.
It's all relative and is up to the observer to decide what is good and what is not.
There might be some suggestion, common knowledge but not in a system based on profit and greed, not betterment of humanity.

To show another side, would it be possible:
- to create full body analisys to design perfect diet (one that would eliminate imbalances) for everyone.
- to make machines to work for us,
- to have cars that don't break, not saying antigravity crafts for everyone or teleportals, instead of bus stops :-)
- to have a device, where you only supply hemp fiber, desing your own outfit, bum bum 30 sec and you have a perfect fit, like designers clothing.
Technology is there we just have to put into use.

I think I'll another thread about what would like to see in the world, that would have the most impact :-)

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