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Default Re: How can we trust scientists any more?

Originally Posted by Steve_A View Post
Hi Everybody,

It seems that the 'scientists' at the University of East Anglia were manipulating not only data, but also peer group papers. For those who don't know, peer group papers are documents about subjects that have been revised and agreed to by other independent scientists.


Hi All

Here you have an excellent example how most people would deny any facts anyways:

just wait till the second part, some people just could not handle paradigm shift especially when they prosper from it.
There is no question that climate chagne is happening and we shouldn't pollute our home planet.
Till greed and selfintrest is the driver we wont have real change.

I'm of the opinion that all statistics are rigged, just even from quantum level the observer is influencing the research, not mentioning that particular grups who sponsor those experiments would favour certain results.


Best way to start would be to put whatever resources we have to best use.
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